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Part 7

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Disclaimer : Purely a fictional account. No resemblance to real life whatsoever :)

Part 7
Two weeks later, Jodha Akbar set
“And that’s a cut!” the director yelled, with Pari heaving a sigh of relief. She and her on-screen husband enacted a confrontation scene, where she needed to give him a farmaan to save her friend’s life. There was a display of intense emotions and both of them needed to channel all their rage for each other through their eyes. For some reason, all the aggression and sadness came to her naturally while enacting her scenes. While everyone praised her for the superior display of acting, they weren’t aware about the turmoil in her personal life. She hardly spoke to anyone, and kept to herself. Her co-star Sheezan, who was playing Jalal her on-screen husband, had try to speak to her many times. All she did, however, was respond in monosyllables and talk only when required. It had, thus, created an impression about her in their minds; that she was snooty and thought no end of herself. But no one stopped to think even once what she was going through; that how her biggest nightmare had metamorphosed into reality. Her life had spiraled out of control, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.
The news of her hurried nuptials to Rajat hadn’t leaked out on the set yet. Everyone only identified him as the producer; not knowing that he was in fact the husband of the lead actress. The man even made frequent rounds of the sets, to supervise the shooting. He happened to be present when an important scene was being canned between Pari and Sheezan. He couldn’t stop his lusty gaze from lingering all over her body, while she displayed a hint of nervousness on the camera. It was making her uncomfortable; she wanted to finish the scene and run off to her make-up room. He could only smirk at the effect his gaze was having on her, enjoying every sign of uneasiness. However, the fun ended when “Cut!” was heard; she almost disappeared into oblivion.
He had come again that day for his usual set of rounds. However, it was just an excuse to see her; he didn’t want to admit but her meekness along with bouts of feistiness turned him on very much. All the man wanted was a chance; a chance to throw her on a bed and fuck her endlessly. It was a distant dream, despite the fact that he almost forced himself on her the other night. The entire scenario was bugging him to no end; why did he stop? He always thought that he wasn’t capable of any feelings. Yet, that day proved him wrong and it was more than enough to shake his faith. But still, the guilty him was much weaker than the evil him; it still wanted to teach her a lesson and inflict harm on her.
Since she was out of work for the moment, her feet scurried her off to the make-up room. Slamming the door shut, she sat down on the couch while continuing to take deep breaths, “Why….why the hell….shoots are the only time when I am at peace…yet...yet…” the poor girl was on the verge of breaking down. The entire situation was getting too much for her to handle; and at one point she fervently wished that her life was sucked out. At least then, she would be free and at peace with herself. After their ‘first night’ Rajat hadn’t tried to force himself on her again, but there was no way to rule out the possibility that it could happen. She decided to adequately defend herself by sleeping in a different room all by herself and securely locking the door from inside. Besides, keeping a Swiss knife handy had become top priority at all times. She lived in constant fear; there was no respite whatsoever. However, every night the girl heard sounds of passionate love making coming from his room which made her squirm with disgust. The only thing which kept her at ease was the assurance that he would keep his hands off her, since he was busy doing the only thing he was capable of; indulging in endless debauchery.
Little did she know that despite his sexcapades there was immense dissatisfaction, to no end. Each time he pounded into some girl, all he could think of was how Pari would react, how would she moan and respond back. He would often shut his eyes to counter the thoughts but it would only enhance his wild imagery. It had very well struck the man that she was trying to be as far as possible, but this only made his drive stronger. He decided to head towards the make-up room, a smile adorning his face.
She had managed to calm herself down, no one to disturb her. Her next shot was due in a few minutes and checking her make-up was top priority. After removing the kinks in her dress, she took a deep breath. It was then he slammed the door open without having the courtesy to knock. Pari turned around, a look of horror descending on her face. Rajat swiftly made his way to her with nothing but his trademark smirk. He closed in the distance between them with her being scared to death, “Umm…uhh….why did you c…come here?” “Stop acting so foolish…you exactly know so….” She began breaking into sweat while he just looked at her with deepening intensity, “You don’t think I noticed your ‘sincere’ efforts to avoid me? I am not that much of an idiot you know….” “I told you….I needed to get myself in order!” Her voice had considerably risen and that was the only thing having the capacity to piss him off. Also, she looked strikingly beautiful; the new post-wedding attire was enough to send his mind into a frenzy of desire. The man intently studied each of her features whilst inching closer towards her. Terror descended on her face, she instinctively moved backwards. “Aaah…” he muttered within, “Her eyes….her lips….her skin….even her boobs look more perked up than usual...Oh God…I want to strip her…”
Pari’s back hit against the wall and he wasted no time to trap her between both his arms. The suddenness of the entire situation brought the fear to her mind only later. In the meantime, he had already pressed his body against her. Realization dawned upon her, and she began hitting her fists on his chest. Her punches were only turning him on further, and he almost crushed himself onto her delicate body. There was no limit to the fear; his warm breath was engulfing her from within. Sensing that all attempts at self-defense were in vain, the girl gave up. He smirked at her until finally uttering, “Hmm….are you done with the fists?” His hand eventually made its way to clutch hers tightly. Pari squirmed in pain; she thought he would break her bones. “Aah! Aah! Please…please! It hurts!” The man paid no heed to her cries; rather he began touching her belly with the other. There was stone-dead silence within her as she went numb. Ceasing all struggle she went numb, not reacting to anything that he was inflicting on her. The girl withdrew which is when Rajat stopped. He saw her face, it was a flush of red and her eyes reflected severe pain. It was immensely troubling for him as a lone tear escaped her eye. He was feeling guilty and decided to retreat when Pari blasted out in anger, “Asshole! What the hell were you doing! I am going to complain to the police and…”
It ticked him off. It wasn’t long before his guilt was replaced by extreme sadism. Her tongue was unusually acidic in comparison to her good looks. Whichever way, it was highly annoying for him and he re-pinned her against the wall. Panic struck her, however, when he began lowering his face towards her….only to realize that his mouth was near her ear, “Hmmph…so you kept a new name for me eh…very creative…but do you know….I am much more than what you called me….” Pari meekly replied, “Wh..what are you talking about?” “You see…I am expert with this…” The man stuck his tongue out and began licking her cheek furiously. Pari tried to push him away to no avail, she didn’t want his filthy mouth anywhere on person. He continued despite facing rebuttal, only to go and bite her cheek. She screamed as the man pulled away, smirking at her. Pari was seething with anger, she lifted her hand and it landed hard across Rajat’s face. It came across as shock, not that he wasn’t expecting an outburst; he had only underestimated the magnitude. The man’s hand instinctively rose to his cheek, while she yelled, “You bastard! How dare you do that to me! You are a worthless piece of shit!” “You know, I have seen so many shades of your anger….yet this turned me on the most…” he cheekily replied. “You…you!” she was struggling for words, while the man calmly placed his palm over her mouth, “Itna gussa….I can’t imagine what sort of a tigress you’d be in bed….I’d absolutely love to get bruised by you….” A death glare came his way as the man went on, “Anyway, I wanted to say that I wish to make our marriage public knowledge….no one on the set knows about us….they definitely deserve to receive such important information....I’d be making the announcement shortly and I need you to be with me….no ifs or buts….it is the producer’s order….any argument will be replied with this…” The man began licking her cheek, while his wife squirmed within his grip. He withdrew and gave her a smirk, “I hope you have understood….so I wish to see you outside in the next 10 minutes….” With that the man swiftly left the room, banging the door shut. She began sobbing uncontrollably; things were taking a turn for the worse.
Jodha Akbar Set, Karjat
“God knows what he wants….he has already made our lives miserable….” rued Miya, the actress who was playing Ruqaiyya. Rajat’s assistant had hurriedly announced that the producer wanted to make an important announcement and had urged all the actors and crew on the set to group for the same. As they waited for the man to arrive, several murmured as to the plausible reasons. There was some fear, as the word had gotten around that Rajat wasn’t particularly happy with some of the actors, and there had been verbal altercations between them. Rumours were also floating around that he was favouring some cast members over the others, and there were chances of a possible pay-hike for the said actors. In short, the environment on the set was tense and the suspicion among the cast and crew had already soured many relationships. Also, the conditions on the set hadn’t improved much even after Rajat had personally started visiting the sets. Crew members would still get fired over trivial issues and work hours were no less than killing. But the consistent hard work from everyone had upped the ratings of the show; however, relationships had been compromised in the process. No one hung together after shoots wrapped up and there was not a speck of laughter. The once-lively place seemed more like prison which kept suffocating.
“Good evening….my dear cast and crew…” the man spoke up, as stoic silence ensued. Even his niceness seemed to be such a put on, as everyone now was well aware about the evil within. He went on, “As all of you are aware, I have an important announcement to make….I wanted to inform all of you that my nuptials took place with an established actress nearly two weeks ago…” The audience gasped with shock, jaws almost dropping. Who could be so foolishly blind in love, was the question that had arisen in everyone’s mind. At the same time, they were wondering why was he so enthusiastic about announcing the news of his marriage to them. “Anyway,” he continued, “the woman who has had the privilege to be my wife is none other than our esteemed cast member…our Princess…our Queen…my Pari…”
She was hiding behind the pillar; it was only when her name was announced that the girl began meekly walking towards her husband. As her name was heard, silence and shock gripped the audience. Many of them had interacted with Pari earlier and it was very much evident that Rajat was the only cause of her current state. The only doubt plaguing each of their minds was that why would a sensible and independent girl like Pari agree to marry an insensitive, chauvinist like Rajat? She was dressed in her royal costume, but she looked no less than overworked and oppressed woman; heavily contrasting from the Queen she was portraying. The man smirked and put his arm around his wife, while an expression of fear descended on her face. By then, it had become evident to everyone that this was nothing close to a happy union. Miya, who had interacted on a regular basis with her, was shocked beyond imagination. It was saddening to see such a lively girl lose the very essence she was known for. Rajat had anticipated everything; the shock followed by the murmurs. He knew that he wasn’t in the good books of the anyone, yet he decided to clear the air, “Everyone must be wondering how come we got married….well, I met Pari nearly six months ago…she had come to audition for a another show….but that association never got through…however, the cupid’s arrow had already struck…distance could not do us apart….and we crossed paths again….only to end up together….didn’t we?” he cast a sly yet firm look at the girl, whose ears had stood up after hearing the lie he had just fabricated. There was no one as disgusting as him; he was tainting the idea of pure love to justify their sick and forceful union! She would have slapped him there itself, but there were too many people around. It was understood that he wanted to put up a fa├žade and if she tried to pour water, the consequences could have been terrible. Hence, despite feeling enraged, she put up a straight face while the man waited for an approval. Feeling compelled, she nodded her head and gave a slight smile. “See...the grin finally escaped!” he tried to sound humorous, but it failed to amuse the audience. “Anyway, let’s get back to work…a lot remains to be done!”
Later that night, Rajat’s mansion
Pari rested in her room; flipping the pages of a novel she had only recently begun reading. There was a look of contentment on her face; a long talk with Miya had been enough to take the terrible load off her head. Plus Sheezan had also been kind to go out of his way to put her at ease. Now that everyone knew the exact cause of her misery, they were going to make sure that she smiled. She felt extremely grateful; though life had played a cruel joke on her, it had also given her the support from unexpected quarters. The girl continued to smile, when she heard a loud knock, “Aunty…please aa jayiye….” The door opened and to her shock, it was none other than Rajat. He had an evil yet mysterious smile as he walked up to her. She was frightened and quickly pulled up the blanket over herself while he sat beside her, “Hmm…I just wanted to say that you acted wisely today…” “What do you mean?” “You have learnt the ropes of our arrangement…it was smart of you to not blurt out the reality…or else you know what could’ve happened….” he gave her a wink, while she looked away in disgust. “You are sorely mistaken Rajat….everyone knows what kind of an asshole you are…no one would ever marry you…that’s how cheap and disgusting you are…” The words coming out of her mouth pained him, yet the man’s ego seemed to be bruised far more. He grabbed Pari’s face and made her face him, while she was taken aback. “Asshole huh….hmm…I don’t give a fuck…what everyone else thinks…the only thing that matters to me is…” he tightened his grip with her squirming to get free, “your pain…the same pain you caused me when you rejected me that night…no one had ever done that before…I had firmly made up my mind to cause you the same pain…whether emotional, mental or…” the man lowered his face on her left cheek and bit it hard making her wail in pain, “even physical…” he smirked while tears began flowing down her cheeks. “See, these tears…they are the cost of my pain…and they will continue, till I wish to see them…”

The man let go of her face harshly, almost pushing her to the bed and exited the room. Pari began crying, she was feeling lonely and trapped, “There is no God…there is no one!” she rued, while cursing her fate. Her cheeks had turned red, partly due to the attack of his teeth. She had only defended herself that night, yet this man was making it seem like the biggest sin in the world! Should have she just let him rape her then? At that point, she thought that letting him derive pleasure from her body would have been less painful than the torture she was undergoing at that point. She wished for her life to end, but Jodha Akbar was still there and it was a top priority. Rajat could mess with her mind, body and emotions, but the last thing he could do was affect her professionalism. With that thought, she began looking forward to work, to being Jodha Begum!
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Note: I do not support any kind of abuse meted out to women, and like everyone else feel that it should be reported. However, in India, rape or molestation occurring within the confines of a marriage is not considered an offence. But it is very important to know that such a problem does exist. It is for that reason I am using it in my story to create awareness about it. No one has the right to force you to do something you don't wish to.

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Part 6

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Disclaimer : Purely a work of fiction. Characters may be real but the story is entirely a fictional account.

Part 6
The newly-weds arrived in Karjat, after a four-hour drive. The car stopped in front of a very nice looking house. Rajat had a victorious smile throughout, while Pari’s face reflected immense sadness. The entire journey had been physically and mentally exhausting; all the while he kept scanning her top to bottom and the stress she felt was unnerving. Each time he looked at her, he imagined ripping every single garment off her body. All throughout the journey, she fervently prayed for her protection. The persistent fear of him pouncing on her was plaguing her; she wanted to run far away from him. But it was known to her, she couldn’t go too far. He would eventually catch up and jail her in his lust. He had the strong urge to grab her hand but controlled himself. He wanted the perfect moment, and now that it wasn’t far he didn’t mind waiting a bit longer. He would thoroughly relish her body and taste every bit of her that night. The endless wait would finally culminate, and there was no end to his happiness.
She stepped out of the car, her meek body language not going unnoticed. Though the house looked beautiful on the outside, she very well knew what hell it was from within. Standing still in her tracks, her husband stood beside her. He gave her a smirk, while she turned her face away. She desperately wanted the man out of her sight, but her fear only increased as he tightly grabbed her hand. He began marching forward, tugging the bride. He clutched her bangles hard, almost bending them. As he continued to roughly pull her, she put up a weak struggle to free herself. The beastly man was adamant; letting go of her meant more turmoil and suffering. They reached the entrance and he rang the bell, with him still holding on to her.
He rushed inside the mansion, his hand not letting go of his prized possession. She was hurting terribly and almost winced in pain. This man was strong; a single hand was enough to cause a distortion in the bangle. He eventually let go of her, as she lunged ahead and almost lost her balance. She regained her posture and looked at her wrist; it bore red imprints of his fingers. The sharp edges of the bangles were piercing her skin, as it almost bled. She looked at him; her face showing fear and sadness, she almost burst into tears. The man cheekily smirked, “Go freshen up…it’s almost dinner time…see you at the table…koi bhi shaitani ki na…I swear, you will see the worst of me…” He directed a servant to lead her to a room on the ground floor, while he walked off.
“Aunty, thank you so much…” Pari fervently thanked the help, who had brought her to the room. It was big and spacious, with an attached bathroom. A large bed was placed in the middle of the room, and she made her way to sit on it. The old help walked up to her, “If you need anything just…Baap re! What is this?” she exclaimed as her eyes flicked to the mark-bearing wrist, “Beta, how did this happen?” she took the girl’s hand in hers examining it, “I think this needs medicine…wait here, I’ll just go and get some…” The lady paced out of the room, to return with a tube, cotton and some gauze. Lightly holding her hand, she rubbed the antiseptic on the wounds, covered it with the wool and wrapped the gauze around it, “Beta, you lie down…take some rest…I’ll call you when dinner is ready…” “Aunty, please! Please let me stay here! I don’t want….” she spoke frantically, while the lady replied with a calm and assuring voice, “Don’t worry beta, if you wish to rest…then not a problem…” “Thank you so much! I don’t want to even see his face! He…he almost…” there were tears in her eyes, as memories of that horrifying night came flashing. She shuddered thinking of the endless suffering in her way, “Aunty, aunty please! I beg you! Please keep him away from me! He will taint me! Please!” The lady cast a glance at her, and almost had tears in her eyes. Pari’s mental state at that point of time was pitiable, and the help really wanted to do something for her. But she was only a mere employee; there was no way she could defy Rajat. He job was to follow the instructions he had set for her, and in this case it meant fulfilling every request of his bride. “Beta, you look very tired…take a nap if you want…we’ll see about it later…”
Her eyes were shut; deep in slumber. Sleep seemed the only respite at that point; there was immense fear that opening them would mean nothing but pain. Suddenly, she felt a tug on her arm and slowly opened her eyes to see the cause of the distraction. It was none other than her erstwhile husband, with a smirk adorning his face. Seeing him left her scared to death, his touch was scalding. Rajat was only waiting for a chance to put his hands on her, and seeing her fear only made him want to do it more. He seized it, and grabbed her elbow tightly, “Hmm…so Pari my angel was sleeping…interesting…” “Let go of me! You have hurt me enough…what more do you want!” He let out a slight chuckle hearing her sweet yet firm voice, “Well…let’s just say that I derive pleasure out of it….maybe I am truly a sadist…” “You….you bloody…you are a fucking sadist! There is no two ways about it!” Her anger was exciting, almost arousing to him. He always wondered if she was this passionate about her feelings, there could be so much passion from her side during intimacy, “You know…let’s cut it right here…dinner is ready and I wouldn’t want my angel to go hungry….” She replied with anger, “I don’t want you calling me that! Asshole!” Her foul-mouthed stance was making his blood boil and he clutched her elbow tighter, “Listen! I am sure you don’t want me dragging you out like I did earlier…so I request you to comply with me…or else…you will repent…do you get it?” She nodded meekly, the fear getting to her again. “Good,” he let go of her arm and the two began heading towards the dining room.
Food was served; non-veg for him and vegetarian for her. He began chewing into the tandoori leg that was served to him, casting intense glances at her. She meekly tucked into her meal consisting of curry and rice, her eyes droopy. The girl hadn’t changed yet, being far too tired and scared to proceed with anything. The only thing she hoped for was sound sleep; she wanted to forget about everything. Meanwhile, the man had no respite from the rising passion within him. He was eating the meat as if he intended to devour his bride in a similar way. Seeing her take tiny bites, he spoke up, ‘Please don’t feel shy, my angel….take more if you feel hungry…big girls like you need to be eating well…” his voice had a hint of sarcasm, which wasn’t received well. But instead of shouting, she chose to be silent. She had enough problems to deal with and snapping at his every word was getting exhausting. Taking the last morsel, she finished her meal and walked off without looking. He smirked, taking another bite of the meat, “Bas…just some more time…nothing can save you from me…I’ll taste you…lick you…bite you…only then will this restlessness go away…”
Pari lay down on her bed, the trails of dried tears running down her cheeks. Her friends had no idea about her marriage nor did anyone on the set. She was supposed to report to work the next day. Conditions on the set had improved drastically, and many of the crew had returned back to work. Her colleagues were also relaxed, since the security and manager had been sacked. Though things were back to normal, it had come at a price of her life and very existence. On the financial front as well, the picture was pleasing. Rajat had paid off all her loans but she only considered it a ploy from his side. He was ready to launch her sister in the industry, but her life had come to a dead-end. All dreams shattered, all hopes buried, life would go on like some drudgery.
After making some important calls, she was all ready to call it a day. The girl switched off the light, not bothering to change out of her attire. The darkness was frightening, and she had put on the bedside lamp. She pulled the comforter over herself protectively, and shut her eyes. The day’s events had been constantly running through her mind; she wanted to forget each and every bit. Even the simplest of things seemed difficult to do; the mental strain was too much. In the midst of it all, she closed her eyes and began reciting a prayer. She asked for the strength to keep her strong and safe, as she eventually felt blinky.
“Perfect!” he exclaimed, peeping into her room throw the narrow gap. The door slowly opened and he stepped inside, walking on tip-toes. An evil smirk descended on his face, as he sat on the bed reducing the distance between them. He had a strong urge to pull off the comforter resting lightly on her shoulders, and didn’t waste a second before laying his hands on it. Her bare skin slowly came into view, and it was enough to ignite the fire within him. He lowered his palm to feel the smoothness, when all of a sudden her eyes opened wide. There was no need for her to even look; she could feel his penetrating gaze lingering all over her. There was no end to it; he was undressing her yet again. She promptly got up from the bed and faced him, more angry than sad. The man’s obsession with her was beyond the girl’s understanding. She hated everything about him; his gaze, his persona, his behavior….everything. “What….what the hell are you doing here!” He looked up at her and was clearly anticipating the situation. He was remorseless as usual and didn’t feel the need to put her at ease. “What do you think I am doing…trying to lay my hands on your lovely skin…” he said, inching closer towards her. “You…you…” she took a step backwards, the fear within her rising. However, it didn’t make a difference; he tactfully enclosed the distance between them and foiled all her attempts. Seeing her colour run out gave him an unimaginable thrill, “I am sure you’re not a virgin…are you?” She rose her eyebrows in anger, “What the fuck…how dare you ask me! That is none of your business!” The man put his finger on her lips, “Shh! Stop swearing so much…doesn’t suit that angelic face of yours…anyway, you aren’t a virgin right?” “I told you, its none of your fucking business!” she screamt, while his blood was boiling with her non-compliance. He lifted the glass vase from the table and smashed it into pieces, frightening her. “Answer as you are fucking asked to! Or I can do worse!” “Y…yes…I am…am not a virgin…” she meekly responded, her voice giving away her state of mind. “Good,” he smirked, while she was trying to gauge what was going on in the brute’s mind, “It won’t hurt then…” The words were enough to hit the panic button; something bad was going to happen. Before she could plan her next move, he grabbed her shoulders tightly and his nails sunk in through the fabric of her blouse. She began wailing in pain, “Rajat…please…you are hurting me…” The man looked at her with hungry eyes, “No way…I have waited for this moment since the past three months…” He pulled the pallu off her shoulder and threw her on the bed, while she tried to cover herself. He climbed over her like a wild beast, she was continuously wailing. He began touching her bosom, and was soon kneading them roughly with both his hands. She shouted out, “Please…please….stop it! It is paining! Please…please…please” Her words fell on deaf ears; he was only paying heed to his inner desires, his inner impatience. He squished them with both his hands and tugged on the blouse, making the hooks break. The flow of tears wasn’t ceasing; she was pleading him to stop. He laid his hands on her brassiere and just froze, all of a sudden. It was as if his reflexes were failing him; his mind having the strong urge to rip apart her bra. He asked himself, “Why? Why have my hands suddenly stopped? The woman I have wanted for so long is finally in front of me, at my will….then why can’t I bring myself to go on?” He glanced at his bride’s face; stained with tears and fear in her beautiful eyes. She pleaded, not through words, to not taint her. She was too scared to even speak, and he started feeling terrible. Her tears pierced his heart, and he got away. He pulled the comforter to cover her modesty, which had just been enraged by him moments ago, “You may rest…” That’s all he said before leaving her alone, and she fell into a deep slumber shortly. She was way too tired to think of what happened, and was only glad that nothing worse occurred.
The man, however, was filled with guilt. It was a new feeling; he had done worse things to people yet he hadn’t come across the emotion he was experiencing at that moment. As much as it was surprising, it intimidated him too. For the first time in years, he was actually feeling horrible. It was difficult for him to fathom the reason; he wanted to be another person at that point. He never understood the complexities of positive emotions, but little did he anticipate that such a negative emotion would boggle him. There was need for diversion, and what better way to achieve it than a no strings attached night of passion? Even though he was married, it wasn’t going to stop him from doing what he wished. He pulled out the phone from his pocket and dialed a number, “Listen…stay in your room…I am coming….”
He rang the doorbell, and the person at the other sensed the passion and desire in his eyes. She pulled him in and began kissing him wildly. He began stripping her, while she didn’t waste time in unbuttoning his shirt. He threw her onto the bed, and violently tugged on her bra to free her bosom. He played and tasted them, while she moaned loudly. After pleasuring her to the maximum, he decided to get to the point. Throwing off his clothes, he began thrusting hard into her while she made her pleasure known to him. As he continued, the scenes of moments ago continued to flash in his mind. He was feeling it again; the guilt, the baggage. He tried to forget by concentrating on the situation, but it refused to escape his mind. On attaining his climax, he moaned loudly and collapsed on top of her. One part of him felt satisfied, yet another part of him was as empty as ever. He was surprised; sex was the only thing that made him feel better. Yet this time, an unknown yet obvious worry was bothering him. He quickly got up and wore his clothes, leaving the place without saying a word.
She got up the next morning, and was horrified to see herself in disarray. It reminded her of the previous night; how she almost got raped. She needed to change her clothes, looking at herself in the damaged ones would only remind her again and again. She had no time to think and contemplate; her shoot was to begin and she needed to hurry up. There was no sign of him anywhere, she heaved a sigh of relief and entered the bathroom.

She was done after a while, and stepped out wearing a bathrobe. Shutting the door, she turned around only to find her husband standing in the alleyway, looking more disturbed than vicious. Anger rose to her face, and she continued her work whilst ignoring his presence. He waited for her to respond, and waited patiently. She walked out of the room, brushing against him. Her shoot was to begin and she had no time to waste; dressing up in the other room seemed the best option. Rajat just stood there in his tracks, wondering what he exactly wanted. It had finally begun, and nothing was going to stop it!

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Note:I do not support any kind of abuse meted out to women, and like everyone else feel that it should be reported. However, in India, rape or molestation occurring within the confines of a marriage is not considered an offence. But it is very important to know that such a problem does exist. It is for that reason I am using it in my story to create awareness about it. No one has the right to force you to do something you don't wish to.

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Part 5; important note below!

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Disclaimer : Purely a work of fiction. Characters may be real but the story is entirely a fictional account.

Part 5
“Good afternoon, Pari….we meet again….” the man spoke in a warm yet discerning voice. She barely heard him speak; his unexpected appearance had left her somewhat unresponsive. Seeing his face had shaken her up; she felt like the Pari from three months ago. She thought that nothing ever in the world could remind her of that horrific night again, but she had been sorely mistaken. The numb girl cast a glance at the person who had attempted to rape her; he showed absolutely no remorse even then. Rather he was enjoying the effect he was having on her and was studying the steady change in her expressions ever since she had come in. After a long bout of silence, he finally spoke up, “So…you came here to meet me regarding the crew…” His words hit her ears like lightening; she finally recovered from the shock, “Where is Meeta ma’am? And why are you in her office?” The man smirked, he was expecting this question, “Let’s just say Meeta ma’am was tired of her show….or rather her cast and crew…so she decided to hand the production over to me…” “You are lying!” she raised her voice, “I am sure you must have done something…she was extremely dedicated to the show!” Her eyes were glaring at him; he just continued to look into them and smirked, “Unfortunately, I am not lying…I am the producer of Jodha Akbar now…and may I know…what makes you have such a high opinion about Meeta? Was she so good in bed…that you have fallen in love with her?” He cheekily asked her, while she could only feel disgusted with the trash talk his mouth was churning out, “You know…you are just deplorable…I don’t even want to take your name while addressing...” “So, you did sleep with her…interesting…I never knew you liked women…Looks like I made a mistake in identifying you that night…” Pari didn’t know what she was feeling; was it anger at his cheap comments or was it just fear after he had made a mention about that night? But she was definitely sure of one thing; this ruthless person in front of her was trying to malign Meeta, “How dare you! Don’t you have any respect for women? You are talking so shamelessly about Meeta ma’am; I know you don’t hold me in high regard, but at least respect that woman who has a higher standing than you!” she was shouting and didn’t mind if the whole world knew what kind of a cheap and absolutely horrible person he was. Rajat just smirked at her, the words from her mouth seemed like that of a clairvoyant. “Paridhi ji, I am not maligning anyone…I am just saying the truth. Just like how I sleep with aspiring actresses, Meeta likes to do the same with hers. In simpler words, she is a lesbian…” Her eyes widened at his accusation; she wasn’t convinced, “I don’t believe you….she never tried anything untoward with me…and even if she was a lesbian…she’d be much better than you….” “Looks like you need to be shown something…it may open your eyes…clear out your misconceptions…”
He pulled out his phone and began playing the video; the same one he had shown Meeta when blackmailing her. At first, Pari watched intently and recognised the woman. However, she gaped in shock as the perfectly normal video became sleazy. It was obviously difficult to believe, not that Meeta’s sexual orientation would have bothered her much. Whatever may have been the case, she was a woman of great principles; unlike the man who was standing in front of her. The playback reached a point where it was getting too much for her sensibilities and asked him to stop it.
The man took the phone away, flashing a sly grin while she refused to cast another look at him. “So…now do you believe…that your holier than thou Meeta is not…like any of us?” “Whatever it may be…she helped me regain my confidence…and the kind of person you are, I am sure you must have blackmailed her…” she spoke in a voice laced with anger. He let out a slight chuckle; her anger only giving him the required humour, “See…my Pari knows me so well…I didn’t even say a word yet she figured out….” “Dare you ever say that again! I am not yours…And I would appreciate it if you didn’t take my name from your filthy mouth…” “What if I call you my Angel? Will that appeal to you?” “Shut up! You are nothing but a cruel, selfish man…I thought you would at least have realised your wrongdoing…but you are absolutely remorseless! If I had a choice, I wouldn’t even look at you…but I can’t see my colleagues suffer…so I am repeating myself for the last time; please don’t cause so much trouble to them…they are innocent and many have taken ill…the rules ought to be changed…”
“What if I say, that I won’t change them until I get something in return?” the man cheesily asked, as Pari was shocked by his audacity. “You are so greedy…you already have everything! What else do you want?” “I only want something from you…and once I have that…things will be back to normal…”    
She was flabbergasted; this man still had the gall to ask her a favour. He had no idea, absolutely no idea the amount of torment and trauma she had faced because of him. Instead of apologizing to her, he was acting shamelessly demanding. Ever since he had revealed himself to her, she wanted to run far away to a place where he wouldn’t have been able to find her. She could sense the darkness in his eyes; the same one she had seen when he had tried to force himself on her. Her sixth sense signalled her that trouble was brewing and it was better if she left the place without further ado. But her heart was still sensitive; she couldn’t think of herself whilst letting her colleagues suffer. She wouldn’t have ever been able to forgive herself if that happened. She decided to put up with his cheekiness for their sake, “Okay…what must I do…to stop all this?” Her lips quivered as she spoke, while the man couldn’t stop looking at them. They looked absolutely luscious, and her royal attire made her look nothing less than a blessing from the heavens. Only he knew how much he wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her senselessly. But one wrong move and he could have lost her again; so treading carefully seemed to be the best option, though less appealing. “Hmm…” the man went over to his desk and picked up a file, “Since, I am the producer now….The contracts for the cast have been revised…this is yours…only if you sign it will I promise to change the rules…” Pari walked towards him and took it from his hand, while he took the chance and placed it over hers. She squirmed at his touch, as it brought back not-so-fond memories. The girl fervently tried to free her hand, but this man was not only strong, he was also adamant. He smirked looking straight into her doe-shaped eyes, which were filled with fear and disgust. He freed her while she heaved sigh of relief, and began reading the contract.
At first, it seemed like a very normal contract, stating the things she was supposed to abide by and her working hours. As she went on, however, the clauses stunned her and she ultimately reached the last clause. She felt that she had been electrocuted; a lone tear escaped her eye as her colour ran out. Her hands slowly shut the file and she kept it on the table. A long silence ensued, which was broken by her soft yet firm voice, “How could you…how could you ever think that I would agree to that clause! I will never sign this! You and your contract can go to hell!” She turned around to leave the office, but he clutched her hand tightly. The girl began squirming in pain, “You sick bastard! Let me go!” “So much anger isn’t good, Pari…my jaan…” Her eyes widened and she began yelling, “Don’t you fucking call me that! I swear I will kill you!” Her words angered him; she was speaking way too much. He wanted to shut her up and letting his warm breath linger over her was the best way; so much that it began raking up fear and disgust in her. The man ultimately did the inevitable; and pinned her against the wall. The anger from before persisted a while longer; before making its way for pure terror. He was happy, she was finally where she belonged; with him. Now that she was within his reach, he didn’t want to let her go. She looked nothing short of stunning in the princess’ attire. The distance between them was minimal, and had been reduced by none other than him. She was terrorized; his warm breath was scalding. He pushed her against the wall, trapping her with his arms while she pulled her hands close to her body, her breathing getting heavier. She was on the verge of tears, “Please….please….let me go…..” He smirked, rubbing his body against her, “No…now that I have found you….I won’t ever….no one can take you away from my clutches…” He rubbed his lips all over her face, roughly. She began weeping terribly; his touch felt as if a dagger was being stabbed into her. Her tears weren’t bothering him one bit; all he cared at that point was about his own longing and suffering. She had only recovered from the previous ordeal; but there seemed no end to her trauma. Her muscles felt numb but she couldn’t push him off. The man in hunger bit her cheeks, making her shriek in pain. It was then she decided that it was enough and pushed him away with all her might. He stumbled, but ultimately regained his balance. Pari looked at him with angry eyes; her make-up and hair were ruined because of his heckling. She was extremely scared from inside but didn’t want to acquaint him with her vulnerability. Rajat just smirked; her eyes seemed much more beautiful in anger. “I am not waiting here a second longer…I don’t ever want to see your face again!” She rushed towards the door, when he spoke up, “Okay, so from today you are no longer a part of Jodha Akbar…” She froze in her tracks and couldn’t believe her ears. The amount of hard work and dedication she had put in to reach this far seemed to be in vain. “Yes, from today itself…you may resign…” His confirmation shattered her faith; her life was still in hands of the devil. The situation had become dire and if she lost her job, there was no way she could repay the instalments on things he had bought. Getting another show as the lead would be impossible; Rajat was very cunning and would spread false stories of her unprofessionalism in the industry. It would damage her career permanently, and she could be left unemployed. “But I don’t want to resign! Who are you to throw me out!” she yelled, while the man sheepishly replied to her, “Baby, I am the producer now…I can do whatever I wish! If you still want to remain a part of the show…the contract needs to be signed!” There was firmness in his voice; no way in hell was he going to let her call the shots anymore. She also sensed the change, and had a range of emotions surging through her. Straining her mind, she ultimately succumbed to the pressure, “Okay, I will sign the contract…but I am not going to agree with the last clause …” “Which clause are you specifically referring to?” “The clause which states that I will have to marry you….I would die than become your wife!” she yelled. He smiled and sat at his table, while she stared at him in anger and confusion. The man’s thoughts seemed like a mystery and it was difficult to gauge his wretched thinking.
“Why are you smiling? Did you not hear what I said?” his cheekiness was getting to her nerves, but he was enjoying at her expense. “Pari…I can remove the clause…” she heaved a sigh of relief as he went on, “But there are conditions…” The word ‘conditions’ was enough to put her into a quandary; something sinister was probably up in his mind. “What conditions are you talking about? Haven’t you had enough ruining all our lives?” “Paridhi…I get what I want at any cost…I don’t keep a score on life ruinage…that’s none of my business…any way, coming to the point….If I omit the said clause from the contract…then….I am liable to fire the entire crew and hire a new one in its place….” Pari was flabbergasted; she obviously didn’t want the crew to lose their jobs and go hungry. But at that point, her own life was on the verge of ruin and she couldn’t afford to sacrifice her happiness for their sake. Getting married to the man she loved was her dream and no compromise was going to occur on that front. “Alright…do whatever you have to…but I won’t agree to that clause…” “Oh really….what ever happened to the ever-sensitive Paridhi?” “I can’t afford to be selfless here….it is a question of my life…” Rajat smirked at her; the time had finally come to use his trump card, “Hmm…what if I say…that I auditioned your sister, Preeti? And that she has been selected? Its only matter of time before I lay my hands on her…” Paridhi was shocked to hear the mention of her sister; she began having doubts that he was keeping a track of her movements, “You are such a creep….bloody stalker! I am sure this is one of your tricks…stop lying!” she almost roared, but he remained composed. “I am not lying…she came to audition for a role last week…and made a mention of you being her older sister…and I am sure you wouldn’t want her to get deflowered so soon…”
“What….what rubbish is this…” she was at loss for words, “Mumma never told me a thing about Preeti coming to audition….” “That’s because she ran away from home…your mother probably didn’t want to tell you cause she didn’t want you to worry….but yes, I did provide her with accommodation….so she owes me…the debt can only be settled in one way…” “No! No way are you going to lay your dirty hands on her!” she yelled, as tears began flowing. An hour had passed by yet she hadn’t realised. The longer she waited, the more she felt being pushed towards hell. “So…we need a settlement here….you will have to accept the last clause or else, you will be plagued by bad luck thanks to the curses of the unemployed crew and I will spend a night with your sister….” She rued thoughtfully, it was a tough choice. But there was no way she could let her sister suffer; she wouldn’t have been able to forgive herself. Rajat smirked seeing the lines of worry on her forehead; there was no way out for her. She had to accept his conditions, and he had already built enough pressure on her. Pari could sense her thinking power blurring by the minute. The stress eventually got to her and the poor girl broke down. This was the end; she finally arrived at a decision. “I…I…accept the last clause….to be your lawfully wedded wife…” there was no stopping to the tears; her life had been single-handedly ruined by him in just a matter of an hour. He smirked; she was finally going to be his possession! His heavy planning had borne fruit, nothing could stop him. “We will have a simple court marriage in two weeks’ time…you can call your family if you wish…but dare you tell them that this is an agreement…or else you know what I am capable of…” “Just two weeks…why? Hasn’t that sadistic mind of yours had enough happiness?” “No…it hasn’t….I want you in my clutches sooner…you see, I won’t rest in peace till I have you….anyway, you must go back to the set now…I will keep you informed…”
Two weeks later, Mumbai Family Court, Bandra
She waited anxiously in the sweltering heat, trying to contain her tears. The past two weeks had been horrible; the word had somehow spread around the set and she was constantly reminded that she was to marry him. No one knew the entire truth, and everyone had just assumed they were in love. Her mother and sister stood by her side, waiting for his arrival. The bride was dressed in a heavily embroidered saree with minimal jewellery; it was hardly the momentous occasion she had dreamed of. The groom arrived in his car, and stepped out with his director friend. He was immaculately dressed in a smart suit and aviators adorned his face. He smirked at the bride, while she didn’t want to even cast a look at him. He walked up to the family, and greeted them. Pari’s mother smiled; she was thrilled at the idea of having Rajat as her son-in-law. Ever since the daughter had informed her about him, she wasted no time in accepting the alliance and was more than happy to have them wed at the earliest. Preeti looked up dotingly at her to-be brother-in-law, and felt lucky that her producer was now going to be family.
The bride and groom, walked into the court where an appointment had been fixed. Rajat’s friend was supposed to sign as a witness from his side, while Pari’s mother was her witness. The two of them signed on the documents and were pronounced legally wed. Pari was glad for the ordeal to be over; her hands were shaking with fear as a mere parchment sealed her fate. She wanted to press her face into a pillow and cry; it was all she had done into the days leading up to her ‘wedding’. She could even sympathize with Jodha; she was being forced to marry the person she hated only to save her family. Since she herself was undergoing personal turmoil, it was becoming easy for her to bring out the required sadness on screen. There was pain, sadness and betrayal in her being; life had been unkind. After the formalities were completed, she sat in Rajat’s car and they began heading towards his farm house in Karjat. She made it a point not to even look at him, while he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked beautiful, and now that she was his wife he had exclusive rights over her!

Precap – He grabbed her shoulders tightly, his nails sunk in through the fabric of her blouse. She began wailing in pain, “Rajat…please…you are hurting me…” The man looked at her with hungry eyes, “No way….I have waited for this moment since the past three months…” He pulled the pallu off her shoulder and threw her on the bed, while she tried to cover herself. He climbed over her like a wild beast, she was continuously wailing. He began touching her bosom, and was soon kneading them roughly with both his hands. She shouted out, “Please…please….stop it! It is paining! Please…please…please” Her words fell on deaf ears; he was only paying heed to his inner desires, his inner impatience. He squished them with both his hands and tugged on the blouse, making the hooks break. The flow of tears wasn’t ceasing; she was pleading him to stop. He laid his hands on her brassiere and just froze, all of a sudden.

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Note:I do not support any kind of abuse meted out to women, and like everyone else feel that it should be reported. However, in India, rape or molestation occurring within the confines of a marriage is not considered an offence. But it is very important to know that such a problem does exist. It is for that reason I am using it in my story to create awareness about it. No one has the right to force you to do something you don't wish to.

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New OS; Baby Doll

Hello, my dear readers! I am posting an OS which I wrote on request of my dear friend Arushi! For all my IF buddies, I will be starting a CC on which you all can post your comments! You can leave your comments about the blog story there as well! Here is the link

Disclaimer : Mature content, with a lot of graphic sexual descriptions. Strictly 18+ :D

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~~Baby Doll~~

Jalal returned from office that evening, waiting to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Thoughts of her were still running in his mind; she never failed to impress him and that day had been no exception. Her presentation on the Annual Sales of the company had blown him away and he couldn’t stop raving about her.

He had always found her attractive, but respected the boundaries of employer and employee which they shared. Not to mention, she was almost 6 years his junior and she had landed her first job in his company. In spite of the facts being known, he felt different; he felt something more than what he should have and something that he believed wasn’t right. In his company, a relationship between colleagues was definitely something that was not encouraged since it affected the quality of work.

He sat at the dinner table, the frustration taking over his being. He stuffed another morsel into his mouth; his own principles had begun plaguing him, affecting his peace of mind. He always had in mind that he wouldn’t give into the matters of the heart within his company; but the inevitable had ultimately happened. He was deeply and irrevocably in love with her. He sighed at his helplessness and continued eating; nothing could be done. She was not only beautiful but also intellectually gifted as well. The company had hired her six months ago; with their interactions being limited initially. However, her lively and outgoing personality eventually got him to open up and they began conversing on a regular basis. She had a heart of gold, and he had begun steadily falling in love with her.

At that point, something within urged him to take charge of his life. He couldn’t let his rules ruin his very chance at true love. He ultimately made up his mind, “I will confess my feelings the first thing I meet her; holding back will only ruin my life…I can’t let go of her!”

He finished eating, and after putting away the plate, he heard the doorbell ring. “Who could it be at this time?” he wondered. It rang again; he rushed to open the door. The visitor was none other than Jodha and her eyes were red, presumably from crying too much. He was about to ask her, when she entered inside and gave him a tight hug. Tears had begun flowing freely leaving him immensely worried. He spoke up, the panic visible through his voice, “What happened, Jodha? Are you okay? Why are you crying?” She replied back in a teary voice, “Sir, I think I have fallen in love with you….but I just went through the company circular…I could get fired…but I don’t…” “Shh! Don’t worry!” he rested his forehead against hers as she slowly shut her eyes, “I am there for you…I will protect you....always…” He looked into her eyes lovingly and pulled in for a kiss; leaving her shocked. At first, he nibbled her lips very softly, while she remained still. He ran his tongue over her lips, and eventually parted them. He slid it into her mouth, feeling each and every contour. She eventually let go of her passiveness, and began kissing him back. The kiss soon escalated into a passionate one, with both of them tasting each other. They rolled their tongues over each other’s, their saliva mingled. Jalal bit her lips and tongue slightly; she let out a slight moan. Both eventually pulled apart, Jalal’s breathing being heavily ragged. Jodha was blushing in shyness, she looked away from him. He smiled and tilted her chin upwards to look into her big, beautiful eyes; all he could see was raw desire and passion. It was useless to hold it back any longer; he picked her up in his arms. Her eyes widened, “Umm…Sir where are we going?” “Jalal…just call me that…” he said in a husky voice. “Jalal, where are you taking me?” He replied in a seductive tone, “Just be patient, baby doll….all your queries will soon be sorted…”

He carried her to his room and laid her on the bed so delicately, as if she was made of glass. She felt very comfortable, he leaned down to whisper in her ear, “I’ll be right back….” He left the room, only to enter with some sort of a basket, covered in cellophane paper and laid it on the bedside table. She got up, and saw it filled with all different kinds of items…looking more like a gift hamper. He began unwrapping it, while Jodha stared at him dumb-founded, “Jalal, what are you up to?” He held her by the shoulders and made her lie down, “Just wait, baby doll…the best part is yet to start!”

After successfully unwrapping the package, he began undressing her and soon she was only in her undergarments. He took off his t-shirt, and picked up a grape from the basket. Delicately placing it on her navel, he lowered his mouth and bit it to release the juice, which began flowing to the sides of her belly. She squirmed feeling the runny liquid, while he wasted no time and began drinking it. His tongue lingered all over her belly and sucked hard on her navel, making her moan in pleasure. He pulled out an entire bunch, systematically laid out the fruit all over her belly and did the same with each. The juice released was obviously more and he smirked, “I can’t wait to drink it all….it will taste even better on you…” She gulped in anticipation, he began drinking it and her breathing got heavier each time he laid his lips.

After the grapes, he pulled out a peach and took a bite. He leaned in towards her face and kissed her passionately, allowing her to taste the sweetness. She mingled her tongue with his, and pulled the stray piece of fruit into her mouth. He smirked at her naughtiness, and bit in for another piece. Planting his lips on her neck, he began kissing her wildly, biting and nibbling her skin, which left her moaning loudly. She felt the leaking juice mixed with his saliva forming a trail. He eventually made his way between her bosom, the juice wetting the bridge of her bra.

Jalal got up and pulled of his pants, returning to her in just his underwear. Jodha saw his aroused manhood creating a bulge; shyness engulfed her being. He climbed over her, flashing a sly grin and stripped her of her undergarments. She now lay below him completely nude, leaving him completely amazed. She looked beautiful without any clothing; almost like a seductress. While she was eagerly anticipating his next move, he was eager to show what he had in store for her.

He pulled out a box of chocolates, there was an assortment. Picking up one, he placed it on her breast and began spreading it all over the mound with his mouth. The chocolate being soft only helped in his task. After the piece disintegrated, he stuck his tongue out and began licking it off her breast. On reaching her nipples, he let it linger; feeling nothing less than velvet. It was extremely arousing and exhilarating for her, he could feel her nipple harden as he rolled his tongue over it. She screamed out his name loudly and he couldn’t help but feel happy. He repeated the same with the other breast and the pleasure doubled for her. She began scratching his back with her nails, leaving signs of her pleasure. He also smeared some chocolate on her belly and began eating it, giving her soft bites as he went on. She let out her pleasure in the form of a moan and clutched his hair tightly, not wanting to let him go.

“Jalal, please enter me…I can’t take it any longer!” she uttered softly. However, he was in no mood to end it all just yet. He spoke seductively, “Baby doll, not yet…I haven’t even reached the best part…let’s see what is next on the list….” Reaching out to the hamper and pulled out a spray-can, which read ‘whipped-cream.’ “Umm…I just love this…can’t wait to eat this off you…” He shook the can and swirled the cream all over her breasts, covering each of them completely. She felt a bit cold, but was anticipating his next move. He began eating it, and slowly made his way to her bare skin. He sucked and bit hard on her breast, squeezing it in his mouth like a child. She just kept screaming, his teeth giving her more pleasure than pain. Her hands made their way to his underwear and she began pulling it down, in an attempt to free his manhood. She was ultimately successful, and he smirked at her boldness.

On being urged, she slowly parted her legs and he sprayed some cream on her inner thighs and legs. He ate it off, kissing and biting her near the core, while she felt a new gush of pleasure through her body. He loved her taste and was relishing to his heart’s content. He planted soft kisses all over her legs, her breathing escalated. She could feel the stickiness all over her body. He also licked off the cream which he put on her arms. The can ultimately emptied out, and he smirked, “See, I used the entire thing…you are so delicious…” “Jalal…now please…” “Uh..uh! There are some more interesting things I want to try on you!”

His eyes flicked to the inside of the basket and lit up instantly. He roughly made her get up and sit on his lap. She could feel him up against her core, as her curiosity increased, “What has gotten you so excited?” “Baby doll, just wait and watch…” He pulled out the bottle of champagne, her eyes widened, “How are you going to open that?” “Baby doll, you just relax. I will do it…” He had a wine-bottle opener within his reach and opened it, the liquid gushing out. He quickly poured it all over her shoulders and it flowed down. He tried to catch up with the trail and drank it, while the champagne and his mouth made her feel warm. Pressing his tongue all over her upper body he tasted her again, probably for the umpteenth time. Yet somehow, he could never tire of it. He ultimately emptied the entire bottle and drank, biting her bosom hard. She came all over his legs, he whispered in her ear, “You are such a naughty, naughty girl….” She was blushing at his audacity, but he wasn’t done. He began pinching her nipples to tease her again, and he heard her scream. She was finally reaching the last level of her tolerance; she needed him inside soon! “Jalal, please….I will just…” “Uh…uh. Just one more thing remaining…”

He threw her down on the bed, and began pushing his fingers in and out of her core; she was so wet. She yelled, “Please…please Jalal!” He took out a jar of honey from the hamper and poured some on her core. She squirmed as he lowered himself towards her and began tasting. He bit her sharply, and she clutched the bed in frustration and pleasure. He drank all the juice and honey, and he slightly entered his tongue into her. She was breathing heavily; it was nothing less than sweet torture.

He rose up and slowly inserted himself inside her, smoothly. He thrust hard into her; her moans only encouraging him. He began kissing her wildly, his body moving rhythmically against hers. Their hearts were beating fast; it was a new surge of energy they were feeling. He thrust more, and both mutually attained climax. He collapsed on her, still being inside as she put her arms around him and made him rest his head on her bosom.

“Jalal, I have gotten really sticky…can we cuddle after a bath?” she asked him innocently. “Wait, baby doll” he quipped, “I also want to bathe, let’s just go in together. We can have more then!” he said naughtily, hoping for a second shower round!

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Part 4

Hello all my dear readers. I apologize for the delay in updating. Here is Part 4

I would like to dedicate this update to meeramiss18, whose birthday was a few days back...A very belated Happy Birthday dear! :*

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More dedications to PP Jaan, Sush, Rutuja, Indu, Shalu, Arushi, Mehak....I love you guys! :*<3

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Part 4
He finally returned to Karjat that night, in anticipation of the next morning. He wasn’t bothering about the rest of the formalities; as per his choice, Meeta had not yet informed the crew about the changes in production. He was confident about handling two shows, though he was no task master like Meeta, who handled a dozen at once. Jumping from one set to another was all he had to do; though he made up his mind of spending more time on the set of the historical for obvious reasons. His bed was neatly laid out, and he was ready to call it a day. The eagerness, or rather the desperation was getting to him. He wasn’t interested in the show; Pari was all he wanted. “I should meet her tomorrow right away. She has every right to know…or maybe no…I should just let things roll…let me put my plan in action…” he smirked, staring at the ceiling.
There was a grave reason as to why he didn’t want to reveal himself so early. In the midst of the acquisition, another problem had cropped up; but he was the least fazed by it. He very well knew that his sudden appearance would cause the leading lady to run away, and it would ruin everything. Playing mind games was his forte, and he wouldn’t think twice before manipulating anyone for his benefit. He was indeed a devil, and at that moment all he could think of was touching and running his lips and tongue all over her golden skin, “Time is moving slower than ever…but I am certain that you are closer than before…nothing can shield you from me…your biggest nightmare is coming true!”
The next day
“Hmm…such a lovely sunrise!” she chirped, standing at the window while sipping her tea. The pleasant morning seemed to be a start to another eventful and amazing day. She couldn’t wait to get to the set anymore; never had she felt the pressures of work there. Everyone was like a family and supported each other. Pari even prepared meals for the cast and crew at times, and they relished her cooking. She felt more than glad to oblige to their requests. Her call time was just two hours away yet she didn’t want to move from the window, which gave her a beautiful view of the mountains. Whenever she was in turmoil, looking at the splendid view from the window calmed her. Though she had recovered from the abuse, sitting idle often flashed the haunting scenes in her head. It was for the same reason that she kept her busy at all times, but trusting men was still a bit difficult. She had the most supportive co-stars, and a co-operative crew but a fear had set within her; the fear that he would find her and inflict the torture on her once again, albeit with renewed vengeance. She thought of visiting a psychiatrist many times, but dropped the idea. The show had just begun airing and any negative publicity could result in disastrous consequences. Her chain of thoughts was broken by the sudden ringing of her phone. She took the call; it was from the make-up head, “Ma’am, we need you to be a bit early today…” “Hmm…what happened?” “Actually, director ji told us that…we need a bit more detailing on the make-up and it takes time….” her voice trailed off. Pari replied in a calming voice, “Arre, why are you so tensed? It’s alright…I’ll be there early…”
After bathing, she readied to leave, the excitement on her face being persistent. She left the room, having absolutely no idea that things were going to take a shocking turn from that very day and that its repercussions would wreak havoc in her life.
“Good…have you arranged for my staff to monitor the crew?” he enquired with the ‘manager’ whom he had hired to be present on the set in his absence, “Yes, sir…we have a well-equipped team…” “And…did you tell them about the set of rules which I have set? And that they need to be strictly adhered to?” “Y….yes sir…I have handed them each a copy…and they will be distributed…” “Okay, I am counting on you till I am available personally…I am sure you will do a good job of it…”
Pari was ready, but she had yet not been called to shoot for her scenes. She sat in her air-conditioned make-up room reading a book, wondering what was causing the delay. Even when she had reported to the sets that day, there was an eerie silence among the crew members. None of them were talking even a word; many had a look of fear on their faces. Everything seemed too unusual; she also noticed that the director had changed. “Pata nahi kya hua hai….the entire atmosphere is just too serious…I hope nothing grave has happened…” She heard a knock all of a sudden; it was the assistant director, “Ma’am, you’re shot is ready…” “Alright I am coming….but what is the matter? Why is everyone so scared and hushed?” “Umm…nothing ma’am…everyone is just fine…I better go now…” “Arre…wait!” she called out, as he scurried out. His approach had left her dumb-founded; many questions had begun cropping up in her mind. The usually friendly, warm staff had begun acting in a very cold manner and it was troubling her to see them like that, “Hmm…I better go to the set….”
She entered the set, and saw the light crew setting up the illuminators, and the sound crew positioning the boom mics. The entire scenario was pensive; looking around she saw that everyone was standing and chairs had been provided only to the director and the cameraman. All her co-stars were standing aside, the look of discomfort on their faces visible. She went up to them, an expression of worry lacing her face, “Hi Prince, why are all of standing?” “Oh Pari, hi….we have been like this for an hour….” The look of shock descended on her face; everything seemed strange, “But…but why? Isn’t the production team supposed to take care of that?” He sighed and spoke up, “I don’t know, we tried asking them but…” “But what?” she almost screamed. “You see those people in the black t-shirts? They roughed us up….a fight almost broke out but no one got hurt…since then, we are not saying a word…” “This is wrong! They can’t dictate us like this!” “Pari, this is just one of them…an entire rule book has been circulated among the cast and crew….it enlists a load of other things we are banned from doing…” The look of shock on her face just kept growing; he handed her a copy of the rules they were supposed follow. She read through each of them carefully; many of them were just dubious and invalid. It seemed to her as if they had been framed to deliberately cause trouble. She read the last line from the page and looked around; everyone around her was under tremendous stress. The new security team was patrolling the set with an eagle eye. They seemed more like dictators rather than peacekeepers; spiking a low but constant fear among the crew.
Pari herself stood for an hour, before being called for her shot. The heavy costume and jewellery only made it more difficult, but she wasn’t the type who would throw a tantrum. The weight was killing yet she gave the perfect shot without many takes. After she was done shooting for the day, she changed back into her normal clothes and headed to her room. All the while, she was trying to analyse the dynamics. She couldn’t believe that Meeta had changed overnight like this; she was famed in the industry for having a relaxed work ethic. Even the new director was a hard taskmaster and was not letting the actors off easily. At the end of it, everyone was just feeling exhausted beyond comprehension. The fact that more such days were yet to come only caused more worry. Pari took it up as a challenge; she wanted to prove her professionalism. The recent changes were only a minor discretion and the show had potential to do wonders to her career. She needed to be more tolerant and  tried explaining it to herself in the subtlest of words, “I can do this…I have to do this for Ma and Preeti…Today was just the first day…I will surely get used to this style of working in the coming week…This is the real test!”
One week later
She stood out in the scorching sun, memorizing her lines from the bounded script. They were filming at a nearby lake, the scene where she is supposed to save a deer from being hunted by Jalal and Ruqaiyya. Her co-stars themselves were breaking into a sweat as they tried to read their dialogues. No fans had been provided and the chairs were as usual missing. The past week had been nothing short of torturous and raising their voice against the tyranny meant losing their job, as they had learnt. One of the assistant directors got into a brawl with the security team over wanting to leave early and the manager kicked him out without ado. The rest of the cast and crew were also threatened with the same fate if they dared to raise their voices. Since then, everyone was working out of compulsion and fear rather than interest. The director ensured that no one slacked off, but that was only one of the issues that were plaguing them.
The word had apparently gotten around that the shift in production had caused the major changes. However, it was still a rumour and there was no confirmation about the fact. Many had expressed the wish to explain their predicament to the production team, but they were just too scared of getting fired. The manager was rude and egoistic; he spoke and ordered everyone around as if he himself was the producer. The working of the team had changed drastically and some of them had been taken ill due to the erratic working hours. They had been working non-stop from 7 in the morning to 11 in the night, which would at times even extend to 2 am. The privileges such as pick up and drop services had been taken away, and so had the vanity vans. In its place, they had been allotted dinghy make-up rooms which had mostly non-functional ACs.
In spite of all the issues, never did the girl complain even once. She was taking everything in her stride and dealing with the problems as they came. Many of the junior artistes were quitting because of increased working hours coupled with zero increase in income. The main and supporting cast, however, wasn’t so lucky. Continuity was an important aspect of a TV show and leaving a show midway questioned the artiste’s professionalism.
Never in her dreams did Pari think that the person responsible for their state would be him. She herself had heard the rumours but chose to discard them. All she had in mind was to keep working, even if that meant neglecting her health. But it wasn't herself that she was worried about; the crew was in a dire state. They were terribly over-worked and their wages minimal. Being very sensitive, she couldn't bear to see their ordeal. She had seen many of them break down at the manager's harsh words. They were of a small reach and couldn't dare to raise their voices against the production team. Some members of the makeup team had also confided in Pari, and she had gladly listened. Apart from that, they had designated breaks for a limited time which they could not exceed, and if it did, they risked losing their jobs. As much the rules seemed ridiculous, they were being imposed strictly.
Rajat sat in his air-conditioned office, the smirk on his face not wearing off. The manager had been sending him a daily report since the past week and he was pleased with the fact that everyone was now at his mercy, and he had managed to seed terror into their minds from behind the scenes. Sipping on tea, his dark-smouldering eyes were enough to indicate that something sinister was running through his mind. Now that the 'ideal' situation had been created, he just needed the right moment to reveal himself, "I hope to appear in front of you Pari..."
Later that night
Pari lay in her bed, with the day's events running through her mind continuously. She herself was feeling troubled now; everyone's plight had begun affecting the girl. She wanted to do something for the people who had relentlessly worked for her; she couldn't bear the injustice they were being subjected to. "This is not fair...what have those innocent employees done! Even my colleagues are suffering! Why is Meeta ma'am doing this? She seemed so warm and friendly....she always takes care of her staff! Everyone is just too scared to speak up....I think I should go and talk to her tomorrow....It may be of no use but it's worth a try...."
The disgruntled man twisted and turned around for the umpteenth time. He had successfully created a dire situation, and couldn't wait for the next part of his plan to roll. Unlike for him, he hadn't had sex with any woman since the past week, in anticipation of his 'angel' landing in his arms soon. Erotic thoughts about her began taking shape; his mind never seemed to tire of it. Rather, his drive to obtain her only increased each time. "Let me just get hold of her....I will endlessly make love to her...." he smirked, "I won't let her leave the bed....she has to be with me for as long as I desire..."
The next day
Pari reported to the sets on time, and got ready. She stepped onto the set with all her finery, with the intention of meeting the manager. He was busy handing some paperwork, when she walked up to him. He was the least unfazed by her presence as she spoke up, "Manager ji, I need to speak to you..." "Ms Paridhi, can't you see that I am busy here...please leave..." "Mr Manager!" she raised her voice, "I spoke in a very composed’s better if you learn some manners...." He got up from his seat visibly angry, "Paridhi, I can easily get you fired....I hop..." "I just wanted to ask you whether you could arrange a meeting with the producer...." she cut him in between "What did you say? A meeting with...." "Yes, I wonder if you could..." The manager looked at her perplexed; he had orders from Rajat that he didn't want to meet anyone from the set. But Pari kept insisting and he was finally forced to tell her, "Please wait, I need to make a call..."
Later that afternoon
She patiently waited outside the cabin, in the royal attire. The office was in Karjat itself, but the waiting area was in the open. The heat was killing, and her costume was only making it worse. The shooting on the set had been stalled for a few hours, on the orders of the producer. She was glad; all her queries would finally be answered and there was hope of getting things back to normal.
Rajat, on the other hand was wrapping up the last of the work that he had remaining. He couldn't wait any longer; excitement was rushing through his being. He couldn't believe that the object of his desire was just a few metres away from him; it was the culmination of his endless planning. “Wow, what a miracle! I thought I would have to reveal myself to you…but looks like you couldn’t wait to meet me…” he smirked. Putting away the last file, he smirked and pressed the button for the bell. He turned his chair away and faced the wall, waiting for her to enter.
Pari heard the sound and immediately got up. She pushed the door and spoke through the narrow opening, "May I come in?" Receiving no answer, she entered in slowly and was feeling relieved due to the air conditioner. She walked towards the desk, her payals tinkling with each step. The sound was casting a spell on his senses; he could feel his mind becoming a slave. She stopped some distance away and he heard her sweet voice, “Meeta ma’am, its Paridhi here…I wanted to talk to you regarding the new rules that you have just brought in….” She waited for a response but got none; and took this as a cue to continue, “Ma’am, the rules are causing a lot of problem to not only to the actors but also to the crew, who are being over-worked. Their health is getting ignored in the process and many have taken ill….Ma’am I hope you will look into the matter as soon as possible….because some of them are just unreasonable….”
After she finished, a long silence ensued. A response was eagerly awaited, but he just kept smirking. Her straightforwardness had impressed him; never had he thought that someone would show courage to directly report their grievances. “Ma’am, are you there?” there was a hint of impatience in her voice. He finally decided to end the suspense and uttered, “Fallen ill? That is none of my concern…” The deep voice alarmed her; it seemed very familiar. The person on that chair was definitely not Meeta; her heartbeat increased. She feared the worst; in her mind she knew who it might be but she was trying to reassure her mind to think otherwise. However, his ensuing baritone completely shattered her faith, “Anyway, if they have any grievance, they should directly complain to me….Why does the leading lady have to take the responsibility for that?” Fear rose through her spine, she thought she would collapse. His deep and harsh voice was enough to cause her colour to run out. Within moments, the scenes of three months ago flashed in front of her eyes. The screams rang in her ears, and she could feel the pain he inflicted on her. Realising she was speechless; he slowly turned his chair around. His smirk only widened on seeing her; while her eyes widened out of fear and shock. She could feel his hungry gaze lingering all over; just like the time at his apartment. He got up and stood by the table, with Pari unable to react. His presence was enough to cause terror within her, his smirk made her uneasy. She thought she would breakdown; goosebumps had formed all over her arms. She couldn’t figure out, however, whether it was due to the AC or his unexpected appearance, “Good afternoon, Pari….we meet again….”
Precap: Now that she was within his reach, he didn’t want to let her go. She looked nothing short of stunning in the princess’ attire. The distance between them was minimal, and was reduced by none other than him. She was terrorized; his warm breath was scalding. He pushed her against the wall, trapping her with his arms while she pulled her hands close to her body, her breathing getting heavier. She was on the verge of tears, “Please….please….let me go…..” He smirked, rubbing his body against her, “No…now that I have found you….I won’t ever….no one can take you away from my clutches…”
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