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I am Samanika or Samy or justlovetv as everyone on IF knows me. Anyway, I would like to happily inform everyone that I am going to be starting a new story. I am posting it on a blog for two reasons. Firstly, since it is a PariJat story and if I post it on IF, the thread will be locked by the Mods. Secondly, this is going to a very dark rendition from my side and due to restrictions related to language and expression on IF, it is imperative that I post here.

I understand the Blogger interface is new to the most of us, but its pretty easy to use. You can post your comments either by using your Google+ account or create a new Blogger account for the same. If you add the link to your reading list, all the posts made by me will appear on your dashboard! Or if you are more comfortable, you can send me your reviews by PM on IF! I will give the details about Email subscriptions later!

So, I would like to begin this story without further ado.

Disclamer: Though this story has real characters, it is nothing but a fan-fiction. It is purely a work of imagination and has no resemblance to real life in any way. Rajat and Paridhi are loved by everyone! And it has certain elements which may be disturbing to younger readers, so discretion is advised from my side.

Last but not the least, I would love to thank ppluvkuch aka PP for giving me the idea to write this story. PP, you rock and I love you loads!

The story is unnamed as of now, and I would welcome suggestions for a title!

Part 1

Dreams….they have the power to drive your very existence. All of us work towards achieving our dreams, so that we may taste success one day. They make us work to the highest of our capability, eventually leading to their fulfilment. And what better place than Mumbai, the city of dreams to live them? Each day, people arrive in the city with a flame of passion and zeal burning in their eyes. They have a dream; a dream to make it big in the show business; a dream to be known and appreciated; a dream to win hearts of the people. One such person was Rajat Tokas, who arrived with nothing but some spare cash and luggage, but loads of determination.

Present day, Mumbai

“This script is hopeless…” the man threw it across the table, where the anxious writer sat, praying that his script get passed, “Frankly, I found no storyline and everything seems haywire….” “But…but Sir….” The guy quivered, “I already made all the modifications you asked for and…..” “Yes, you did. But there is absolutely no storyline you see…I thought there would be some improvements and it could be actually doable…but it seems this script is as good as junk…” He got up from his seat and threw it in the trash-can. The writer was nearly in tears; his effort of months had been wasted in a matter of a few seconds. “You may now leave” he spoke arrogantly. He left from there, dejected. The producer sat on his chair, examining the lines of worry on his forehead, “These useless kids, I wonder why do they even write stories….and when I don’t like them, they beg me to produce a show….such losers…”

The man was none other than Rajat, who was now a famous and powerful film and TV producer. Seven years had passed since his arrival, and he had promised himself that he would work hard no matter what. Success, however, came early to him, which had made him rather arrogant and rude. He was also highly introverted, probably contributing to his success. A mysterious personality, he had a dark side to him as well. He had given many aspiring actresses a break but it came with a price. He asked for sexual favours in exchange for roles, and had made careers. His demeanour was also anything but pleasant, and had managed to keep this part of his life a secret from the world.

“Oh God, so many people have come to audition for the role!” the girl nervously looked at the long queue of aspirants ahead of her. She was Paridhi Sharma, a rising starlet, who had managed to make a mark in the industry with her acting in supporting roles. She was highly ambitious, and was trying out for leads roles. “I just hope I bag this one! It will be such a great opportunity to work with a successful producer like Rajat Tokas!” she thought. After waiting, she finally was called in. She was directed towards a stage, where the show’s director, the producer and the casting director were auditioning everyone. She stepped on the stage and walked towards the trio. Rajat’s eyes lit up on seeing her, she was undoubtedly the most beautiful among the girls who had walked in that day. She wore plain white t-shirt and jeans, along with a pair of short boots. She greeted them with a smile and introduced herself, “Good afternoon, I am Paridhi Sharma.” He looked at her intently, “Hand her the script, and you, act out the scene on page 3.”

Pari opened the script and began reading the dialogues, while Rajat continued to look at her, with increasing interest. Finally she began enacting the scene, and as she went on, her eloquent dialogue-delivery and expressive eyes caught his attention. “She is so…so beautiful…” he thought, “Her eyes….her lips; I want to crush them against mine….” She completed the scene successfully, and the three of them clapped. The director walked up to her, and congratulated her, “Well done, dear. We really loved the performance you put up! You are perfect for this role!” “We will cast you after we have done the look test.” Rajat spoke as a grin laced his ever-handsome face. Pari happily agreed, and was guided to the changing room.

She stepped out, wearing a light-pink coloured kurta-churidar. She was asked to face the camera, and the shots were okayed. “Perfect!” Rajat exclaimed. He excitedly spoke to the director, “Director sahab, see, she fits the role perfectly. It was as if it was customised for her!” Pari changed into her clothes and nervously paced towards them, in anticipation of good news. “Sir, how was it?” “We saw the clipping and are convinced one can do this role better than you.” Rajat spoke, “And we would like you to sign the contract!” Pari intently listened, and when the word ‘contract’ got past his lips, she couldn’t contain her excitement! “So, does that mean I am in?” “Yes, you are in!” She couldn’t believe it! Her hard work and struggle of so many years had finally borne fruit. She wanted to scream her lungs out but somehow restrained herself. She would surely party with her friends that night. “Umm….when would I be signing the contract?” “See, it would take about a week. There are several clauses we will insert which you will have to accept, only then will you be able to start shooting.” Rajat said in a non-chalant tone, “I am preparing the contract, and I expect to see you at my residence in Mahalaxmi next Saturday, for dinner.” “Yes, sir surely.” Pari left from the place, with a smile of victory.

“Wow Pari! This is amazing! Congratulations!” her friend Manisha gave her a tight hug. She worked in the airline industry, and had come from out of town as well. They shared an apartment with Lavina and Ankita, who also worked in the entertainment industry. The two were out, while Manisha was on her time-off. “We need to celebrate tonight! When are Lavi and Ankita coming?” Pari enquired. “Hmm…I really don’t know. You know better about shoots, depends on what time it wraps up.” “Anyway, today’s treat is on me! Let’s order something!”

He returned home that night, with thoughts of Pari still running his head. Somehow, she seemed different from all the other girls he had auditioned; though she seemed petite, her eyes were full of fire. Her skin was olive, and her hair was jet black; he wanted to clutch them and kiss her hard, for which he had the perfect chance. As he did with all his finds, he would endlessly make love to her. “Pari, I hope to see you soon…” he spoke as wild imagery ran through his head. The long wait would be worth it.

The entire week passed by in excitement for one while impatience for the other. She couldn’t wait to sign the dotted line, while he couldn’t think of anything but her. She had taken over his mind; he would see dreams; dreams where he would crush her delicate body with his. The restlessness was killing him; he felt as if he had been subjected to punishment. He had probably seen many attractive women; many even frequented his office every day, but none as attractive as her. There was something in her that pulled him; and he couldn’t wait to lay his hands on her. On the other hand, her happiness knew no bounds. She was going to be playing the role in a show produced by him! He was not only the most successful producer, but probably also commanded respect that only a veteran could. She could feel the contract only few hours away, as she decided on a suitable outfit.

“Wait; let me take a picture of her!” Lavina yelled, as Pari readied herself to leave. There had been a wave of excitement throughout the week; the women had spent crazy amount of time just deciding the right outfit for her, and the result was in front of them. She wore a classic LBD, which had a thin strap with frills around it. The weather in Mumbai was chilly in the month of January, and she had carried a light sweater in her hand-bag. After getting a cab, she told him to take her to Rajat’s address in Mahalaxmi, which was roughly at a distance of 1 hour from her accommodation in Versova.

Rajat had made all the preparations in anticipation of her arrival; the dinner table was set with the best food and wine; he had also asked for a bottle of champagne to be kept in his room, where she would be taken to sign the ‘contract’. He had no control over his thoughts; he could already imagine himself devouring every part of her. It sat at the dinner table, patiently waiting.

Pari was led to his penthouse apartment by the security guards. It was located on the 30th floor of one of the most luxurious residential towers in Mumbai, which overlooked the Mahalaxmi racecourse and the Arabian Sea. She went and knocked on the door, and was led inside by one of his servants. Pari saw him sitting at the dinner table. She greeted with a smile, “Good evening, Sir” “Good evening, Paridhi. Please have a seat” Rajat spoke amiably.

“She looks even more gorgeous today…” he thought to himself. He was observing each part of her body with utmost concentration; her hair, her eyes her lips….it was an endless exercise which didn’t seem to tire him. Her dress was hugging all her curves; igniting a fire within him. He couldn’t wait; he wanted to carry her to his bedroom that instant. Everything else seemed un-important for him. Meanwhile, Pari was looking out the window, admiring the beautiful Mumbai skyline; unaware that the person in front of her was burning in desire. She sipped on her glass of wine, “The food is really delicious….I really loved this curry and rice…” “Thank you so much, Paridhi. Wait till you taste the dessert, it’s even more delicious…”

She ate the last spoon of her dessert, and wiped her mouth with the napkin. Rajat had lost all interest in eating on seeing her; she was so captivating yet so pure at the same time. She stared at him with utmost innocence, “Sir, where is the contract? I would like to read it first…” “Aah, the contract…” he spoke as her voice soothed his ears, “I have kept the draft in my study…shall we head there?”

They stepped into the room, and Pari was amazed. It was done up tastefully, and saw a bed in there. She asked, “Umm…this is your study?” “Yes, this is my bedroom cum study.” He made her sit on the bed, while he uncorked the champagne bottle. At that point of time, she felt as if something wasn’t right. The set-up, the champagne seemed to give subtle hints and she felt a little scared. She accepted the glass of champagne so as to not be rude. “You be seated, I will get the contract.”

Rajat began going through the number of files on the desk, while she continued to assure herself that everything was fine and was just over-thinking. He had gulped down the champagne in one go and had an evil smirk on his face. Finally, he pulled out the file and sat beside her in such a way that she found highly uncomfortable. Pari inched herself away, while he was leaving no stone unturned to get closer, “Sir, I am not…feeling comfortable…” “Tumhe kya lagta hai, I have given aspirants a break just like that...this is not social service that I am doing…” “But sir, this…this is wrong…you can’t do this…” the girl was nearly in tears. “You will have to spend the night with me if you want the contract.” He spoke loud and clear. “But…but…but…” she was at loss for words. Coming there seemed like the biggest mistake…she was scared to death but needed to be brave to get out of there and began thinking of all the possibilities. Meanwhile, he was undressing her with his eyes, “Don’t worry, I will be gentle…” he put his hand on her face, and she got up with disgust. She was not scared anymore, rather she was very angry. How dare could he touch her, her body was not some public property, “Sir, I am leaving. I am not interested in doing any show with you.” He rose up, feeling shocked. At that point of time, he very well knew that it wasn’t about the contract, he would have given it to her anyway. However, he was burning with desire for her, and would calm down only if he had her. She picked up her hand-bag, and was readying to leave. He desperately wanted her and she was slowly slipping out of his hands. Pari was about to open the door when he grabbed her waist tightly and turned her around. She was fearful; her colour ran out on seeing his dark and terrifying eyes; she knew that it was deep trouble. She tried to escape his grip but he held on and clutched both her arms tightly, such that his nails were digging into her skin. She wailed in pain and was struggling while he tightened his grip on her. She squirmed terribly, as she pleaded with him to let her go. He ran his hands all over her back and butt, and she tried to push him away. He laid his hands on her sleeves and after pulling it down, began biting her shoulders. Her struggle and his continuous attempts to control her ensured that her skin got badly bruised. Ultimately, she managed to push him away and was leaving when he caught hold of her hair. She screamed, “Please! Please let me go!” He roughly turned her around, making her face him and smashed his lips on hers. It was a very violent kiss; he inflicted injuries on her. He bit her lips hard, when she refused to open her mouth for him. She was wailing and at the same time trying to push him away. She began feeling that it would be the end of her existence; the monster was going to feast on her. However, something encouraged her to fight back; she somehow caught hold of a metal vase lying on the table and hit it on his head. He began wailing in pain; clutching his head. She took it as a chance for her escape and ran away from there.

She ran down the stairs; fearing that he would get hold of her, she didn’t even wait for an elevator. Her heart was beating fast out of fear and terror, she had escaped from his hungry jaws yet she felt that the ordeal had not ended for her. After coming down sufficient number floors, she finally decided to use the elevator.

She began her descent but the fear of the unknown still gripped her. The entire incident had shaken her up beyond unimaginable measures. Her heartbeats still faster than ever; she turned around to take a look at herself in the mirror and was shocked. Her hair and clothes were dishevelled, the rough encounter having torn one of her sleeves. Her hands and shoulder bore scratches inflicted by his nails and bite marks. Her lips were bleeding; the attack of his teeth had injured them terribly. She quickly pulled out her sweater and wore it to cover her modesty. The doors of the elevator swung open and she ran as fast as she could, wanting to get away from the place.

On reaching outside, she hailed a cab, sighing heavily, “Bhaiyya, Versova chaloge?” “But Madam, aap theek toh hai na? Koi police ka chakkar to nahi?” “Police ka maamla nahi hai. Aap please jaldi Versova chaliye, please.” The driver felt very bad on seeing her condition and agreed to take her. Pari sat in the cab, with the hope of reaching home, but highly traumatized by the turn of events.   
 I hope you guys like the pilot chapter! Any suggestions and comments are welcomed!