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Something else I love ;)

"Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak..." 

- Rachel Zoe

Apart from writing, I also have a major interest in styling and fashion. Dressing up and trying new styles is something which I truly enjoy. I wear both Indian and western clothing, however my ethnics are usually restricted to occasions like weddings and other traditional festivities. Since I am a regular college going girl, my wardrobe mainly has the regular fare of jeans, t-shirts, tops. For parties, I am sure most of us own formals like dresses and gowns.

When one is in the safe confines of school, it doesn't matter what one should wear and where. Most of our time is spent within the uniform and even outings are limited. It negates the need to own too many clothes, and even the occasional clothing is limited. However, once you step out; it is a completely different world out there who is ready to judge you at every juncture. In such cases, it becomes very important to present yourself in an impeccable manner, which leaves an impression.

I am going to showcase some styles which you can try out for a party ;)

If you are tall and lean, you can easily experiment with long flowing gowns which will complement your body shape beautifully.

I know many women have a problem with love handles and flab but would still like to try out a gown. I myself have the same problem and it can totally ruin the way you look, leading to confidence loss. However, in such cases it becomes necessary to improve your base. It is rightly said that a good pair of undergarments are very essential since they can greatly modify the way you look. Hence, the primary item which can help you look slimmer is a well-fitting pair of panties. Under gowns, it is preferable to wear a 'knicker' style, as it gathers the flab together. Additionally, a pair of cycling shorts can do wonders to hide cellulite and giving the required leanness. 

If you are on the heavier side, bright colours must be strictly avoided since they make you look larger. Pastels like beige, white, greys and other light colours can seemingly make you look slim. But nothing beats black in slimming; it helps you look at least 2-3 sizes smaller :)

Women who are heavier at the bottom can try wearing flowy dresses, which helps to mask the actual size. Tight clothing should only be worn if you are very confident of carrying it off; or else it ends up looking totally cheesy and weird if you are uncomfortable.

If you are heavier on the arms just like I am, then wearing sleeveless or strapless can help your bosy look in proportion with your hips, full sleeves should only be restricted to winters since they make you bulkier.

Wearing the right bra can go a long way in enhancing the way you look. Seamless bras make your bosom look shapely and flatters your outfit :)

And at last, coming to the shoes! all I want to say here is that be comfortable in what you choose to wear. You don't have to wear the heels if the woman who lives next door is wearing them ;)

At home, just be yourself, cause there is no place like home! :)

Friday, 20 February 2015

You mean the world to me!

Another unseen work from my database! :P. It is a romantic OS on PariJat.

Disclaimer : This One Shot is entirely a work of fiction. The characters are real actors, but the projected situation is a work of imagination.

~You mean the world to me~

The JA set was bustling with activity; everyone was in a mood to celebrate. The entire cast and crew had turned up in the most casual of clothes for an impromptu bash. Paridhi came with her husband; and Rajat turned up with his fiancĂ©e. Shaurya had arranged for the music whereas the girls had managed the food. It was supposed to be an alcohol-free party; but a large amount of booze somehow made its way in. Ankit and Shaurya took the initiative, and not only themselves got drunk, but got the others as well. They got Rajat heavily drunk, so much so that he had become unlike himself; speaking and joking around with people. On the other hand, Lavina and Ankita got Pari to drink as well, and she not being used to it, started feeling dizzy, ‘Oh God! My head is spinning!’ ‘Pari! Pari! Are you alright?’ a concerned Lavina asked her. She replied, ‘I am…I am fine….I just need to go to the washroom…’ ‘Should I come along?’ Ankita asked. “No, it’s okay. I’ll go by myself…’ She walked off from there, with Rajat’s eyes fixated on her. He had not been able to take eyes off her since evening; she looked stunning in her knee-length summer dress. He knew that something was wrong when she went away from there, looking anything far from fine. He quietly followed her, as she headed into the common washroom.


 She entered one of the cubicles and dunked her head; feeling the urge to throw up. He quietly crept up behind her and put his hand on her head. She smiled and turned around, thinking its Tannu but was shocked to see him. She made a face and got up to leave, when he pinned her on the wall. ‘What are you doing, Rajat! Let me go!’ ‘Where are you going?' He whispered. ‘Back to my hubby!’ ‘You're not going anywhere!’ She struggled, ‘Chhodo mujhe! You are hurting me!’ He yelled, ‘I won’t! I won’t ever! Cause if I do, I'll lose you!’ She stopped her struggle when she heard his words. It had left her astonished; she stood like a statue, her eyes fixated on his neck. Rajat, meanwhile, was bursting with emotions. He could not hold it in any longer; he needed her to know; she needed to know how important she was for him. All of a sudden, he grabbed her tight, making her fuse to him. She squirmed at first, struggling to get away but eventually stopped. 'You know...I...I...' her voice trailed off. He faced her, and after holding her chin, banged his lips against hers. He kissed her lips slowly and she stood still, not able to react. Eventually, she began kissing him as well and sucked on his lower lip. They soon broke apart. Pari looked at him with slight anger, ‘You…you didn’t even let me speak!’ He smiled and let out a slight chuckle. Placing his hand on her cheek, he stroked it, ‘I know what you were going to say…’ ‘ did?’ she asked ‘Then tell me what was on my mind....’ ‘You were going to say....I love you’ he replied confidently. She let out a slight laugh, which left him a bit annoyed. ‘Well, you are partly right...’His ears stood up hearing the sentence. He asked eagerly, ‘Partly right?’ ‘You know, when we began the show, I always thought you were egoistic and had an attitude problem. I avoided conversations with you and you hung out with your friends. Then, while shooting for the ‘Ooh Aah’ scene, we got talking to make each other comfortable. Soon, we became very good friends....’

'Then, our scenes required being passionate and....I was trying hard yet I wasn’t able to get it right. You helped me out then. And I was so grateful to you. Then, we shot for that passionate bath tub sequence....and I felt very different....I felt I was in heaven....'


‘As time went by, I was getting more and more attracted to you. I would cherish every sequence we shot together and wait to spend time with you. When we shot for the Holi dance, I realised that.....I had fallen for you......I pushed aside my feelings, thinking it is morally wrong for me as a married woman to think about another man....But Tannu and I never really have a marriage to begin with. Our distance created a drift between us. Earlier, I would wait to meet him, but he soon changed after the show became popular. His over-possessive behaviour and insistence on coming everywhere irked me. I wanted only both of us at the rally, but he came along despite me not wanting him there. To tell the truth, I fell out of love with him......’

‘And, the high point of my feelings was when we shot the consummation sequence. You know, I was fully ready for the lip lock sequence, but Tannu and my family refused to let me do it. Every time you touched me, each part of my body was on fire. I felt close to you then...And that's when I realized, that Tannu and I were over. I was scared of public censure when I thought about leaving him. But then I realised that my happiness is in my own hands...and I need to make decisions that give me happiness....not my parents or anyone else for that matter....’


‘I haven’t told him about all this yet.....but I can’t think of anyone else other than you. When you come to shoot, I feel happy! When you go away early, I feel a part of me is going away! When we shoot separately, I miss you! When you don’t report to the set, worry sets in and I wonder whether you are okay! I can’t stop thinking about you; you are on my mind always! The thing is that....I love you, Rajat! The last one year we have spent together has been the most beautiful time of my life! And I want to be with you, always!’ She looked into his gleaming eyes; she could drown in them. Rajat couldn’t believe what she had just said; it seemed like a dream to him; a dream too good to be true. But then he realised that this was real....and it was perfect in every possible way. He held her shoulders ‘Paridhi, you know, I was attracted to you since the first day we shot together. I was going to strike up a conversation with you, which is unlike me. However, I was stopped at the last moment by a crew member, whom I overheard saying that you were married....’


‘After that, I chose to maintain a distance from you. It was not possible all the time, since most of our scenes were together. My mind told to me to be away from you. But my heart didn’t listen; it kept beating so much that I couldn’t hear my mind speak.....and finally, after much deliberation, my heart won this tug-of-war. I realised that I had fallen for you during the suicide prevention scene; where I saved you from jumping and mounted you on a horse. But it wasn’t easy for me to accept it.....I had Srishti in my life. I loved her no doubt, but I fell out of love as well. And also, things were highly complicated because you were married.....I would have been viewed as a house breaker in such a scenario.....I didn’t want to cause any problems in your marriage. My relationship with Srishti was over....the engagement was just a parents had accepted us...and I didn’t want to disappoint them...’ He leaned towards her, his forehead touching hers and both closed their eyes, ‘Things really changed after the BCL and ZRA performances. We not only enjoyed the rehearsals but also felt a certain connect. I could not keep my eyes off you, and today, I don’t care what the world thinks, what Srishti thinks or what my parents think. All I know is that I want you by my side....and I can’t be apart from you. I want to leave her and make you mine...’


Pari was carefully listening to him. The last sentence really got her. ‘Achcha, make you mine! What about all the times you touched me then? What was on your mind tabhi?’ She teasingly asked. He was taken aback by her sudden accusation as he fumbled, ‘Wha....what are saying? When did I touch you?’ ‘Mr Rajat, I have felt your hands in all possible places.....looks like you don’t have control on them!’ Pari continued, ‘In fact, during the horse mounting scene, I could feel something really hard against my butt....only later did I realise that what it was....’

He began blushing as she continued, ‘Also, I very well remember the numerous times you involuntarily placed your hands on my chest. The most severe case occurred when we were shooting for the Hassan mourning scene. I kept pushing your hands away but you continued grabbing my bosom. Your shoulder rubs have gotten really intense lately; you rub them as if you are rubbing boobs. Also, during the horse mounting, your hands kept touching…the front of my core. But I didn’t say a word since the situation was such. Bolo, now do you admit it?’ He replied, ‘Umm....uhh....I don’t know!’ ‘Chalo ab maan bhi jaao!’ ‘Okay! Okay! I did take advantage of the situations and touch you! But, but were you angry?’ ‘Yes, I was at first. I thought you were perverted and a horny fellow. But then, I began enjoying it; your hands are nice and tender. Tannu never touched me like you did; he only cared about himself when we made love....but your touching awakened the woman in me, and made me realise what it feels to be touched....’ On hearing the last sentence, a smirk appeared on his face. He leaned in closer to her face, ‘ you like getting touched by me....where may I know?’ ‘Umm....I want you to touch all the places you haven’t before. When we were shooting for the suicide se bachao scene in Mathura, I was trying very hard to keep myself away....I was so frustrated......only I know what I had to do to prevent throwing myself at you.....I wanted to touch you everywhere then....and I could have just kissed you!’ She flung her hands around his neck and kissed him passionately. He was shocked how things had suddenly picked up pace; but eventually got lost in the moment. They soon pulled apart, and looked deeply into each other’s eyes; everything was perfect. He pulled her into a tight embrace; they were finally together, in mind and soul.


Winter Love

I am posting two my unseen One Shots today, after requests from some dear friends! I hope you enjoy reading them!

Maha disclaimer on my part : This OS has a graphic sexual descriptions and is meant for an 18+ audience. Readers' discretion is advised.

~Winter Love~

Jodha and Jalal were returning home from outside on a cold winter evening. It was getting late; both of them were walking without speaking a word. Jodha was very upset with Jalal as she had seen him cozying up to Ruqs and hadn’t liked the sight one bit and was very upset. Jalal on the other hand wanted to clear out her misunderstanding since it was his ex who had thrown herself on him.


Jodha entered a shop to buy something while Jalal waited outside till she returned. He was busy on his phone when Ruqs happened to pass by. She greeted him and he too acknowledged her for old time’s sake. However, Ruqs was still pretty much hung up on him. She wanted to take him back and expressed her desire to do so. Jalal apologized to her and refused saying he was in love with somebody else. She pleaded to him but he was firm in his resolve. Just as Jodha stepped out of the shop, Ruqs crashed her lips against his. She was shocked at the sight which greeted her while Jalal was obviously surprised at the sudden turn of events. It was only a few seconds later did he realize that Jodha had witnessed everything. He immediately pushed Ruqs away as he saw his beloved almost on the verge of tears.


Jodha ran away from there and Jalal swiftly followed her. After catching up with her, he tried to explain the situation but she refused to listen. Since then, they had been walking together but she refused to look at him. They had not been dating but both clearly liked each other a lot. She was deeply hurt with what she had seen and was in no mood to forgive him at any cost.

They soon reached her apartment building. Jalal had dropped her till her house. She fished out the keys from her hand-bag, unlocked the main door and entered. She was about to shut the door when he blocked it from closing with his hand. He told her, “You are gravely mistaken. It was not what it looked like!” To which Jodha replied, “I don’t want any explanation. My eyes have seen everything.” She turned around to head inside when he asked, “Do you really think I still love Ruqs?” Jodha turned around to face him, “I didn’t need to think. It was visible in front of me!” Jalal banged his hand hard on the door, pushing it away. She was shocked at this sudden move, as the door shut behind him. He pinned her against the wall, trapping her between his hands, “What do I have to do to prove that I don’t love Ruqs anymore?” Jodha turned her face away in anger, “There is no need for anything. You may leave.” Jalal was slightly annoyed at her, “No I have to show you!” With that he banged his lips on hers and began kissing her wildly, with Jodha being shocked to respond back. He tried to invade her mouth with his tongue but she continued to resist him by pushing him. The push and pull went on for some more time till she ultimately succeeded. Jalal's breathing was ragged and heavy. She looked at him with a death glare, “What the hell were you doing there!” “Trying to prove that I don’t love Ruqs…” he replied with a smirk. She couldn’t fathom why the man in front of her was smirking, “Why are you so hell bent on proving yourself right?” “I terribly fear losing you and I have no hesitation in admitting that I have hopelessly fallen for you!” Jodha was shocked at the sudden confession. She was expecting it, but not in such a situation. She just looked at him with love in her eyes and smiled, “I believe you. But I am still upset about what happened earlier. So I need time to cool down. You may leave now. I will meet you tomorrow.” However, the man in passion was in no mood to leave and wanted to make it up to his woman in every way possible. As she turned to head inside the living area, he quickly pulled her by her hand and she collided against his chest. He then took her tightly in his arms, while she was squirmed to get free. After much struggle from her side, he eventually let her go. She glared at him again and turned around, with him seizing the opportunity as he caught hold of her long plait. Jodha screamed as he tugged on it, “You are hurting me, Jalal. Stop pulling, please!” He held on, moving towards her. He grabbed her shoulders and made her face him. She glared back as he continued to look at her with love, eventually pulling her close to kiss her neck wildly. Jodha continued to resist and tried to push him away, while he showered sweet kisses all over her neck. He kissed her some more and sucked hard on her neck, while her struggle continued. After much effort, she finally pushed him, “What are you doing!” He answered her, being highly short of breath, “Proving myself to you!” “There are many ways to do that!” He replied, “This was the only way out for me! You just wouldn’t listen!” She was just stunned and couldn’t believe at the extent that he could go to. Sensing that she was lost in her thoughts, he seized the opportunity and pinned her against the wall again. He leaned down to seductively whisper in her ear, “You know I would have just stopped at the first time when you pushed me away. But once I started, I just couldn’t stop!” He continued, rubbing his face against her cheek, “You know, you are highly addictive.” Jodha was highly surprised to see this side to him; she had always seen the kind and loving side Jalal. It was the first time she was seeing him so intense and a full of desire. She could feel his warm breath against her face.


Jodha was slowly giving up her resistance. She was eager to know what this new Jalal was. Looking at him right in the eyes in an intense eye lock, he sensed the approval in her eyes. He gave her a smirk as he held her hand and began leading them to her bedroom while she blushed. After making her lie down, he took of his jacket and leaned down to naughtily whisper in her ear, “I would enjoy undressing you slowly.” Jodha felt shy and closed her eyes, as he took off her sweater. He placed two light kisses on her eyelids; she gave him the sweetest smile of approval.


Jalal moved his hands towards her t-shirt and pulled it down along with her bra. Her left breast was exposed to him; marveling at it for some time when he cupped his hand to it and began fondling. Jodha moaned audibly while he thoroughly enjoyed. After taking off her t-shirt and bra, he removed his t-shirt as well. He could only stare in amazement at her bare upper half; she had the best pair of breasts. He cupped both his hands on each one and began massaging them together. The pleasure doubled for her; she giving out a very loud moan. As he went on, her nipples hardened and he decided to tease her. He pinched them; awaiting her reaction. She wanted to restrain herself but it was the ultimate pleasure she had experienced. She screamed his name, “Jalal!” while he smirked at seeing his effect on her.


He wanted to taste her, and he very well knew that she would be the sweetest. He slowly lowered his face on her right breast and began sucking hard on it, his tongue playing with her hardened nipples. Her breasts were soft and tender, she was driving him crazy. At one point he bit her, and Jodha dug her nails dug into his bare back.
She still had her jeans on and could feel his throbbing manhood against her inner thigh. He began unzipping and took them off along with her panties. He took off the rest of his clothing as well. He wanted to feel her delicate bosom and lowered himself on her. The feel of her soft and delicate breasts against his chest turned him on immensely. After giving her a kiss on her forehead, he looked into her eyes for approval. Jodha looked at him with immense love and faith and he slowly inserted himself inside her. She felt a piercing pain as he entered but urged him to continue.
He thrust slowly so as to not cause her pain, but steadily increased his speed. Her nails dug into his back and he winced in pleasure. His face was digging into her ample bosom, and enjoyed thoroughly as she moaned further. He continued to thrust, while she felt as if her lower half was on fire. She urged him to go on, “Go on, honey…go on….” After sometime, he ultimately climaxed and shattered inside her. He removed himself from her and smiled in satisfaction. Jodha gave him a cute smile with him lying beside her. He met his lips with hers in a searing kiss and they lay in each other’s arms for the rest of the night.


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Part 2; and the story has a title! :)

Hey everyone! I am so glad to be finally updating this story today! I had been really busy with a lot of things; my internal exams, a family function and a lot of other things! Anyway, I would love to thank all of you for the response you have given to my work! I couldn't have asked for more! The story finally has a title now,

Entangled Love ~ The Darkness Within

I would to thank Deepa Di and PupCat aka Radhika for suggesting the title to me! Thank you so much!

Part 2
Pari rushed up the stairs of her building. She was scared beyond death; scared that the brute was following her, even though there was no one. As she was climbing the stairs, another thing struck her; her roommates would ask her questions on seeing her condition. She had somehow managed to get herself in order; wiping the blood off her lips. But the fear on her face still persisted. She couldn’t exactly remember the sequence of events that occurred in the house; it had become sort of a hazy memory. She was scared, traumatized, confused and angry. It was difficult to comprehend anything at that point of time; she was physically and mentally exhausted.
She finally reached the apartment. After ringing the doorbell twice, Manisha finally opened the door. “Umm…” she rubbed her eyes. It was nearly 12 am, and she had a flight early in the morning. “Pari! You came so soon! How was it?” she asked her, feeling highly dazed. Pari, however, was still reeling under the shock of the attack. The voice from her mouth refused to escape while a sleepy Manisha patiently waited for her reply. “Pari! Pari! Are you okay? Why aren’t you saying anything?” “Umm…sorry! Where are Ankita and Lavina?” “They have gone out for some party and will return late…anyway hon, how did the meeting turn out?” The question brought back the dreadful memories; and she shut her eyes in disdain. Manisha began feeling something was amiss, “Pari, are you okay? Is something wrong?” “Manisha, actually I am damn tired…can we talk tomorrow?” “Hon, I have a flight tomorrow morning. Anyway, I better go to sleep. Tum bhi relax karna okay?”
Pari sat in the living room, with her roommate heading inside. She was anything like her lively, happy self, rather her state resembled that of a rattled woman; her sweet smile snatched away by the devil himself. Nothing seemed to be clear at that point, and she continually asked herself; Why me? Why was I put through this ordeal? However, self-introspection yielded no answer; rather it pushed her further into turmoil. Her head was throbbing; the cuts and bruises had left marks and were causing immense pain. The physical wounds would heal, but the psychological trauma would continue to haunt her.
She could still remember his rough hands touching her against her will and injuring her. She was trying very hard to forget, but the entire incident had just made its place in her mind. She felt that he would appear out of nowhere and assault her; she hugged herself out of fear and took deep breaths. She realized that telling anyone about her ordeal wouldn’t be helpful. Rajat was a man of repute and any accusation put against him would just back-fire. No one would believe her; society, the police, her friends, none of them. After much contemplation, she decided to keep this incident to herself. It would only be in her best interest and save her the further trauma of reliving it again and again through endless rounds of questioning.
She somehow pushed herself to go to her room; she needed to change. She took out a pair of night clothes from the wardrobe, laying it on the bed as she prepared herself to remove the sweater. She pulled it down halfway to her arm, but the sight of the abrasions and bite marks scared her to death. Quickly switching off the light, she decided to change in complete darkness. Looking at those injuries again would be too disturbing; darkness would be the perfect cover. She removed the sweater and the dress; her hands feeling the soreness of her wounds. While wearing her t-shirt, she put too much pressure on one arm and wailed in pain. Nothing seemed to be in her favour then; she had suffered nothing but losses that evening; the contract, her sanity, her health, everything. After completing the task, she tucked into bed; pulling the blanket over herself. The least she could do then was sleep; it would at least help her be at peace. With that, the harrowed woman fell into a deep slumber, the terrifying events of the evening behind her.
Sunlight peered in through the windows of the room; she slowly opened her eyes. Lavina was sleeping beside her and had probably returned late. She smiled looking at her; her presence always managed to lighten her mood. She slowly rose up, the wounds feeling sorer than ever. She had thought sleeping would help her be at peace but the memory was still as fresh as it had been the previous night.
Pari always believed she was strong and had always perceived herself as someone who did not let any adversary affect her. However, this belief of hers had been shattered to pieces. It was getting increasingly difficult for her to handle herself; she thought she would breakdown any moment. Even after going through so much, not a tear had been shed. It was with only hope that she got up, and put her sweater on. It was the least she could do to keep it a secret.
She sat at the table, eating breakfast cereals. The flashes were haunting her continuously; everything had changed. The life which she loved the most seemed like a curse, and nothing was helping her feel better. She was having immense stress; remembering his disgusting touch. She wanted to forget everything; even if that meant selling her soul to the devil. She just wanted peace of mind; and that was exactly what she was getting deprived of. Looking down at bowl, she saw that her cereals had become soggy. They very much resembled her life; crumpled and worthless.
“Good morning, Pari!” Lavina rushed to give her a hug. Everyone had been waiting with much anticipation to hear the good news from her. “How was it? How was the meeting? Did you nail it?” she asked. Pari had no answer to her question; or any question for that manner. Hearing the commotion, Ankita too rushed to the duo and gave tight hugs. They all clamoured their friend for the good news; unaware of the monstrosity she had been subjected too. Pari just wanted it all to end, she felt tortured. However, she calmed herself down, “Guys…I didn’t sign the contract….” On hearing the news, the smiles on their faces wore off. They had been so happy for their friend, and were not expecting this, “Aww…Pari, kyun? Was there some problem?” “Actually, they were not ready to give me the amount I wanted, so I refused…” “Woah Pari,” spoke Lavina “Yeh achanak kya ho gaya? I thought you were really excited for this assignment!” “Offo! Just let it be…anyway, tum dono ko shoot par jaana hai na aaj?” Ankita spoke, “Yup, I have to go to Madh Island while she is going to Goregaon…I think we should get going…”
Pari was in the living room, watching some music. After the two had left, she had tried every possible way to divert her mind. Till afternoon, she tried cooking, drawing, reading and everything else to no avail. She usually went for an audition but was fearful of stepping out. His sudden appearance would have been enough to give her the shivers. It was becoming very difficult for her to cope; she was suffering alone. The events had left a terrible impression on her; she would never be able to trust any outsider. She switched off the TV, and went to her room.
She sat on the bed, her knees hugging her bosom and head resting on them. An absolute, almost eerie silence engulfed the room. The burden of her secret was increasing, and she was missing her mother. She wanted to desperately call and pour her heart out. Everything was getting too much; she felt she would burst. She had a surge of emotions as reality finally dawned upon her; she had been sexually victimised. Tears began flowing from her eyes; the first since the incident. It didn’t take long for her to begin crying, and eventually wailing, “Nothing would ever be the same! Nothing! I…I was just ambitious…but he tried to take advantage of me…touched me….!” She had lost her greatest asset then, her self-confidence. She was all alone in that room; with no hope left.
Rajat sat in his bedroom applying ice pack to his head, after suffering from a minor concussion. He grudgingly stared at the wall, the incident replaying in his mind albeit for a different reason. For him, his injury was a sign of insult, a sign of defiance. None of the actresses he had cast before had ever refused him. Yet this girl; this Paridhi, she wanted the contract without any compromises. It was not in his instinct to show any form of kindness and rather believed in getting what he wanted, even if that meant hurting somebody. At that point, he desperately wanted her. So much so that it pushed him to use force on her; he never imagined that a girl’s refusal could awaken the devil in him. However, he had no regret; all he could think of was to get back at her. She had driven him totally crazy; he wanted her body at any cost. Such was his lust; he was only thinking about himself rather than the girl he had so mercilessly traumatized, “Paridhi…I will get see you again for sure…you are mine…only mine…it was just luck that you escaped…but next time, I won’t let you out of my grip…” The man was seemingly frustrated sitting at home and needed to get to work. He dialled the director, who picked the phone after a few rings, “Umm…director sahab, we will have to organize another round of auditions….” “Why! Did something happen? What about the girl we had already selected for the role?” “She had some issues….and the deal fell through…anyway, I won’t be coming to office today so just start making the publicity posters for the next set of auditions, we should hopefully start in another two days or so…”
One week had passed since. Pari was regaining normalcy bit by bit. Her roommates had tried to quiz her, and she somehow managed to convince them she was doing fine. However, the physical and mental trauma still persisted; with her not having stepped out of the house at all. Her wounds had almost healed, and she was glad that her roommates hadn’t seen them. She was very keen on resuming going for auditions but the fear of the same thing happening again had unconsciously gripped her.
It was a quiet Friday night for her, sitting in her room and going through a magazine while listening to some soothing music. This had been her routine for the most of the week, since it had helped her come out of the throes of fear. She subconsciously flipped the pages, when something hit her, “Why am I doing this to myself! It wasn’t even my fault! I had absolutely no idea about his intentions! Then why am I torturing myself like this? I need to step out; these four walls are just suffocating…enough of self-pity, enough of fear! I will go for an audition tomorrow the first thing!”
For Rajat, the evening had just begun. After the successful round of auditions, he had finally selected his new leading lady. They had dinner; followed by the ‘meeting’ in his room. He, however, tread carefully this time, “Listen, dear, I need to state one thing categorically; you may have been selected for the role but you will have to give me something in return for the contract…” “And what may that be, Sir?” He began speaking nonchalantly, “You will have to sleep with me…” The girl had an expression of shock on her face, “What if I don’t?” “Then I am sorry to say that I won’t sign you up…” The girl got up and encircled her hands around his neck, with a smirk, “In that case, I don’t have a problem…” “Very well then….” He smirked, before crashing his lips against the starlet’s. Deepening the kiss, he invaded her mouth with utmost passion, as if it were Pari in her place. He clutched her hair tightly and ran the other hand around her waist. He pushed her onto the bed in the heat of the moment and began undressing her.
His moment of anticipation finally arrived; he was going to enter her. He had begun hallucinating thinking its Pari in her place. He did everything to her that he dreamed of doing to Pari; kissing, biting and tasting her. Her reactions were giving him an unimaginable high; his Pari was in front of him and he wanted to give her the best. He dug his teeth into her skin; while she moaned his name loudly. He began thrusting hard into her; she sunk her nails into his back. All the while, he couldn’t stop saying, “Oh Pari….Oh Pari…” He began biting her bosom and she screamed in pleasure. After going on for a while longer, he finally climaxed.
Both of them immediately got up and began wearing their clothes. While wearing her skirt, she asked, “So where is the contract?” “Right there, on the study…” he spoke without casting a glance at her. After she signed the papers, he asked her to leave without further ado.

The dissatisfied man sat by the window of his room. He sipped on his drink, while feeling the cool sea-breeze against his face. However, nothing was helping douse the fire within him; rather it had only intensified. Even the thing he had been waiting for so long had not made him feel better. He finally realized; he needed Pari, and he needed her soon. “I would do everything; everything in my power to have you, Pari…” 
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