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Part 3, and a very Happy Women's Day!

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Firstly, I would love to wish all the lovely women a very Happy Women's Day! I am finally updating the Part of Entangled Love ~ The Darkness Within today! I know this isn't exactly the kind of update I should be giving today, since it doesn't speak of women empowerment neither does it of a woman overcoming any adversary. But it does speak of a man, who out of his obsession will try to control the life of a woman he desperately wants. But every woman should learn from this that though the lead is being subjected to trauma, we must not be vulnerable. Every adversary we go through must help us emerge stronger!

Disclaimer - No relation to any real person whatsoever. Purely a work of fiction. :)

Part 3
“Yes, yes I made it on time…” Pari spoke on the phone to Lavina, who felt glad to know that she made it. She had been making rounds of studios for two weeks with little success; some wanted a newer face for their role while some were not happy with her acting. She had been treading carefully, the bad experience etched in her mind forever. Night outs had stopped, and she was having difficulty in trusting male acquaintances. She had wondered what would have happened of her if she hadn’t hit Rajat with the vase; would her life have been the same? How would the society view her then? Would she be blamed for bringing the ordeal upon herself? These questions brought to her a better perspective; a lot could have happened but by God’s grace she was fine! She needed to be thankful to him for not being put through worse. A bright smile finally appeared on her face, her first in days. She looked like the same Pari again; and even the wind around her seemed to agree!
She got her token number at the registration desk and patiently waited for her turn to arrive. She fervently prayed, “Please…please…I hope I make it here! I really want this role…” She wanted to audition for the lead role of Jodha in the upcoming historical drama, Jodha Akbar, produced by Meeta Kapoor. The prospect of a woman producer put her at ease; she was confident of putting up a good performance.
Rajat was looking through some monetary details, with the director lending a helping hand. His show was about to go on floors the next day and he wanted to make sure that everything was in order, “Director sahab, I hope the set is stocked with basic amenities like water and First Aid. We wouldn’t want any casualties on the first day itself…” “Yes Rajat, everything has been looked into….lights, make-up, spot boys, changing rooms…” “Good, I would be personally supervising everything…I am going to look into each and every detail…” “Which details, Mr Tokas?” a voice came from the entrance. She was the lead actress, and had been called for an urgent meeting. Rajat looked at her and winked, while the director decided to take his leave, “You please go ahead…I will drop by in the evening…” He left, while the starlet proceeded to sit beside him, a sexy grin lacing her face, “Aap jaante hai, I had come to audition for this role earlier as well…but I didn’t get selected…” “And why is that?” he asked half-heartedly. “Someone else bagged the role before I could even…” “Achcha, I got it” he answered as memories of Pari rushed to his mind. It reminded him exactly why he had become so obsessed; he had never pined for anyone He was least interested in talking to her; she was probably not as intelligent as per his standards. He was solely entertaining her for his own selfish reasons, for sex. He only wanted to feel euphoric as he had felt that day; how he would feel when he was making love to Pari. She was only a replacement for him, and would be out of his life once he got his ‘Angel’. “So, would we be meeting in make-up rooms?” the girl asked the ever-smitten man, who was erotically dreaming about the very woman he had caused harm, “Hmm…yes of course…why do you think I am making my presence felt…the producer never gets involved with such things…work is only an excuse…” “Good, because I really enjoyed that night, never had I felt that a man could be so…passionate” She lowered in to kiss him, while he unflinchingly spoke up, “Hmm…I have to attend to some urgent work now, so if you could please…” The man got up, the starlet taking this as a message for her departure. He was all alone, with only his imagination for company. “Such a foolish girl…thinks that I am all hers…” he sniggered. “I belong to no one…I only pursue what I have laid my eyes on…and once I have derived pleasure out of it, it’s as good as worn out and worth throwing away…But you, you are different, Pari! You didn’t succumb to my charms! I usually don’t ever give a fuck, but you have taken over my entire being; you are my passion and obsession. Everything that came out that night was solely for you! I don’t think I can ever be satisfied; I would still want more of you even after I have had enough!” He played with the paperweight on his desk, whilst feeling the cool air of the air conditioner, “Pari, wherever you may be, I will find you. And after I do, nothing; absolutely nothing can keep you away from me….”
“Next please!” it was her turn to audition, her turn to show why she should be selected for the role. And in no way was she going to let trauma inflicted by the demon mar her performance. She walked up the stage with confidence seen after a long time. The script was handed to her and she gave a stellar performance. Meeta got up and congratulated her, “Well done! We really loved it! As you emoted, your beautiful eyes spoke…something which we were looking for in our Jodha…” “Thank you so much, Ma’am” “Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you have been shortlisted for the next set of auditions! We would definitely love to see more of you!” Pari was ecstatic; she had tears in her eyes. Only she knew how difficult it had been to redeem herself, and her selection only proved that she had emerged victorious. She fervently thanked Meeta, while the happy producer gave her a hug, “We are having the next lap within a week, so I hope to see you there!”
Three months later, Karjat
She stepped out of her vanity van, in all her finery, looking as beautiful as the warrior princess herself. Her kohl-lined eyes, her bow-shaped lips and jewellery added grandeur to her persona. Although her eyes showcased her bravery and fierceness, her gait had delicacy. She held her veil with poise, as her she walked towards the set ready to give her shot. “Pari! Pari!” the director yelled, “The scene we would be shooting now is the continuation of the previous one. You will be praying to the Kanha murti, when the wind tries to blow the diya out. Using your hands, you will try to keep it from getting extinguished…but remember you need to have utmost devotion on your face while praying and just as the flame begins to flicker, a protective instinct must arise, the fear should be seen….there are no dialogues but your eyes should express every emotion…” “No worries, Sir. I will be able to pull it off…” the girl cheerfully remarked as she readied to shoot the scene.
Paridhi had passed through the second audition like breeze. Meeta had been very impressed with her acting skills and decided that she was perfect to play the role of Jodha, the Rajput princess. Her eyes were fierce and innocent at the same time, a perfect combination. After undergoing rigorous training for sword fighting, archery, horse riding and other medieval skills, she was deemed trained to portray the role. The shooting had begun around a week back and she was having a blast with her co-stars. The entire trauma from three and a half months ago was forgotten; it was as if nothing ever happened. Her wounds had finally healed, she had managed to put the abuse behind and immerse herself in work. She didn’t even have time to think about anything else, shooting took up most of her time during the day after which she retired to her guest house in Karjat for the night. Everything seemed to be perfect, and she couldn’t have been happier.
His dark, smouldering eyes scanned the place, it was perfectly ready! The leading lady was as usual reading her script, as she awaited her shot. Her hero sat beside her, continuously looking in the mirror to correct any obvious kinks in his hair. The spot boys ran helter-skelter, making sure everything was in order. The director was yelling at someone over the phone, while the cinematographer was calmly reading a book, while sipping on some chai. He just sat away from the chaos, observing everyone intently. A pair of aviators adorned his ever-handsome face, and he looked extremely happy. Rajat’s show had been on air for the past two months, and after a slow start it was attracting its fair share of viewers. Shoots had been happening away from Mumbai for about two weeks, since the original set had been destroyed in a fire and expenses to relocate within the city were astronomical. Building a new set in Karjat seemed the best option, and the entire cast and crew had been put up in guest houses.
Even after these three months however, he could not forget about that girl. Each time he thought of her, he would remember her beautiful scent engulfing his senses and could not stop his erotic thoughts. He only knew her name; neither did he know where she lived nor her set. Patience was the only thing he could cling to, while hoping to see a glance of her anywhere. It was an agonizing wait, but it would be worth it. He woke up with renewed enthusiasm, and that day was no different, “I just hope my eyes see you today, Pari….”
Little did these two know that fate was going to play its game. That she was going to see the face of the man she would do anything to forget, and that he was going to see the face of the woman he would kill to have in his arms. That she would be reminded of the atrocity he inflicted on her, and that he would be delighted to breathe in her scent again. The sight of her would tantalize him; while it would leave her with utter disgust.
The shooting on the set of Rajat’s show commenced, and he headed to sit beside the director. It was an emotional scene and the actors were doing a great job. He couldn’t wait for the girl to finish, a sense of anxiety was taking over him, “I want to ply her so badly…” But there was no respite, he had to wait. It had become a routine for the hapless man; whenever he thought of Pari, he needed to get some ‘action’ with the ‘replacement’. As tiring as it was getting, all means of control were tried, only to end in absolute failure. The restlessness was steadily engulfing him; any wrong move could cause trouble. The need to cool off was felt greatly, though it may practically be of no use. He whispered softly to the director, “Director sahab, I think I need to use the men’s room…” “Rajat, due to some pipe burst, the washrooms on our set are out of order. You will have to drop-in next door…”
“Phheeew! Finally done! Now I can relax for a while!” Pari squealed in excitement after giving a perfect take. Staying in her costume for the entire day was undoubtedly tiring, but it was a part of her profession. She began walking towards her make-up room with everything intact. There was an open walkway between the set and the rooms which was used by people to enter or leave the premises.  
Pari was surrounded by her trusted staff, which was making sure that she would be fully rejuvenated before the next take. She began walking towards her room, while being asked endless questions. She was paying no attention to anyone coming from the other side; being completely tied up. Rajat was walking towards them, lost in his thoughts of her, when he noticed the chaos, “Oh God, women! They make so much noise…” As the distance kept closing in, he was getting more and more curious. Within the group, he saw someone wearing bridal finery and jewellery. He couldn’t see her face at first, but when she turned around, he froze. A wide smile adorned her face and her eyes spoke, much like the time when she had come to audition. She looked like an angel, and her costume was enhancing her beauty. Rajat didn’t move a muscle; it was unbelievable. He had put in every effort to trace her but to no avail, since she was relatively new in the industry. He just stood there, staring at her while she was oblivious to his presence. “Ma’am….ma’am, I have to re-touch your make-up…” “Okay, okay ladies…” Pari spoke, “We can’t stand and talk here; this is a public walkway. Let us go to the room…” The man took this as his signal rushed to the other side, while the group walked slowly towards the room, ultimately disappearing from his view.
Rajat literally ran to the washroom, his heart beating at the speed of an express train. Splashing water on his face, he tried to calm his nerves down. He wasn’t sure what was he exactly feeling; excitement, nervousness or just plain surprise. One thing was for sure however; his long wait had finally come to an end. She was completely within his reach and even the Gods couldn’t do a thing. He put some water on his hair and flattened them, before finally heading to his set. Her glimpse had given him the confidence that his desire wasn’t far away. “I wouldn’t be able to do her anymore…I just want Pari! My Pari!”
Later that night
The disgruntled man lay on his bed, twisting and turning. He had lost sleep that night, even a sedative wouldn’t have helped him. Only she could provide him the lacking solace. He was feeling worse than what he was feeling in the afternoon, and had tried every trick in the book only to feel helpless. “Pari…Pari…Pari…Pari…” he continually murmured. He seemed like a man possessed and his stubbornness was beyond the understanding of a normal being. Something very wrong and twisted was working through his brain; he thought of all possible ways in which he could get her, “I will get you…I will, now that you are just a stone’s throw away…when you were away, all I could think of, was of touching and biting your smooth skin…and your reactions…how you would moan…that day isn’t far. Not one but me has the right to touch you…you belong to me…to me only!”
One week later
The disgruntled man sat in the car, as his chauffeur tried to navigate through the traffic. There was continuous honking, with everyone trying to aggressively get through. He had come to Mumbai, making the four hour journey with an intention that was probably beneficial to him, as it would take away his anxiety. After finally breaking through the long queue of cars, he finally reached his destination. He got off, telling chauffeur to park by the sidewalk till he returned.
He stepped into the sprawling lobby of the office, looking unimpressed. He had seen dozens of such places on account of his work and it failed to leave him amazed any longer. Walking up to the receptionist’s desk, he flashed a slight grin, “Good afternoon, is Ms Meeta by any chance in her office?” “Sir, do you have an appointment?” “Yes, I have one for 2.30 pm…” “Oh, Mr Rajat! Yes, you had called to confirm. Meeta ma’am has gone out for lunch; she should be back in a while. Till then, you can sit…”
“Sorry Rajat to keep you waiting, please have a seat….” The ever smiling woman welcomed him, and offered refreshments. He refused; only being interested in the work he wanted to get done at any cost, even if it meant trading his soul. “So Mr Tokas, what brings you here today?” “Thank you so much Ms Meeta, I just wanted to let you know that I am so privileged to be meeting you...anyway, I needed to talk to you about something important…” The woman sat with her hands folded, anticipating what may come. Rajat gazed at her with eager eyes, finally breaking the silence, “Meeta ji, I want to take up the reigns as producer for Jodha Akbar…” The words didn’t register at first, they seemed alien. Only after some contemplation, she finally understood his agenda. Rajat was a successful producer, no doubt, but Meeta was the ruling queen of the TV industry for a long time. No one had the audacity of speaking up against her, and his stance made her blood boil. However, better sense prevailed and calmed herself down, “Rajat, I am sorry but this is not possible. Jodha Akbar is my dream show and its launch took three long years. It was almost shelved, but I was determined to get it on the floors. And now that it has, I am under no condition handing over my baby to you…” But the man was in no mood to relent, he had set his sights and was determined to have his way, “But don’t you think that the producer needs to be on the set to ensure order? I am already shooting for another show in Karjat, and I can be present on sets all day, which is not possible in your case since you are handling other shows as well…” “Mr Rajat! Please control your tongue! As I clearly stated, I am not handing this over to you under any condition, not even if I am on my deathbed! I am not interested in discussing this any further, and I am sure you wouldn’t want to stick around any longer. So I request you to please leave…” The sternness didn’t unnerve him at all, rather he was expecting it. Meeta wasn’t obviously the type who would fall at his feet. He had come prepared, and he wouldn’t give up till he had succeeded. “Meeta ji, you will be creating a negative image for yourself…” “What the hell do you mean?” the woman yelled in anger. Rajat’s highhandedness was annoying the shit out of her, “I am sure that you wouldn’t want the media to see this…” He played a video on his phone, which was probably shot in some seedy room. Two women appeared out of nowhere, and sat on the bed. They began kissing, and eventually undressed. Soon, they began performing sex acts on each other. An expression of horror appeared on the woman’s face, as the video continued to play. Closer inspection revealed that one of the participants in the video was none other than Meeta, whose colour had run out. The video eventually ended, and a victorious grin laced Rajat’s face. The tables had turned in his favour, and it was her turn to plead. He sat down, while she couldn’t fathom the situation. “This was what I was talking about…your closely guarded family image, and everything else that you have built up over the years will all be in vain, once it is out that you are homosexual…And I am sure you wouldn’t want that right Meeta?” “You bastard! Where did you get this video?” He sniggered, taking sadistic pleasure, “That doesn’t matter, because even the hotel staff has seen you with that woman and would be very glad to be eyewitnesses…” “I have not seen a worse human being…” “Shh…it’s no use abusing me…it won’t take me seconds before I leak this to the media and…” “Okay, okay, what do you want? How much money?” “Tsk..tsk…what will I do with the money? I already have enough of it! As I said, I want Jodha Akbar!” The woman was almost in tears, “Please…ask for anything else I would give it you but not Jodha Akbar…please…” “I am not interested in anything else…I want you to hand over it to me!” She had been trapped in a difficult situation, there was no way out. She couldn’t risk her public image by the video leak; it had the potential to wreak havoc. Sensing no other solution, she obliged unwillingly, “Okay, Jodha Akbar is yours!” “Good! Now give it to me in written!” “Mr Rajat, it will take a day and…” “I said, I want it now!” “Okay, okay just give me a minute…”

It was almost evening, as Rajat stepped out of the office. Everything was going his way; he was finally the producer of Jodha Akbar! This was a milestone to achieving a bigger motive; being producer gave him exclusive rights to dangle the cast and crew in any way he wished! He sat in his car, and told the chauffeur to take him to Karjat. He had a long journey ahead, but it wasn’t going to dampen his spirits. One thing ceased to escape his mind; and he was closer than ever to it, “Nothing…absolutely nothing can stop me from having Pari! You are my Jodha now, and will have to do exactly as I say! Enjoy the few hours of freedom that you have, because from tomorrow, hell will unleash itself on you in the name of Rajat Tokas!”   
I hope everyone liked the update! Will update soon!