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New OS; Baby Doll

Hello, my dear readers! I am posting an OS which I wrote on request of my dear friend Arushi! For all my IF buddies, I will be starting a CC on which you all can post your comments! You can leave your comments about the blog story there as well! Here is the link

Disclaimer : Mature content, with a lot of graphic sexual descriptions. Strictly 18+ :D

Happy reading!

~~Baby Doll~~

Jalal returned from office that evening, waiting to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Thoughts of her were still running in his mind; she never failed to impress him and that day had been no exception. Her presentation on the Annual Sales of the company had blown him away and he couldn’t stop raving about her.

He had always found her attractive, but respected the boundaries of employer and employee which they shared. Not to mention, she was almost 6 years his junior and she had landed her first job in his company. In spite of the facts being known, he felt different; he felt something more than what he should have and something that he believed wasn’t right. In his company, a relationship between colleagues was definitely something that was not encouraged since it affected the quality of work.

He sat at the dinner table, the frustration taking over his being. He stuffed another morsel into his mouth; his own principles had begun plaguing him, affecting his peace of mind. He always had in mind that he wouldn’t give into the matters of the heart within his company; but the inevitable had ultimately happened. He was deeply and irrevocably in love with her. He sighed at his helplessness and continued eating; nothing could be done. She was not only beautiful but also intellectually gifted as well. The company had hired her six months ago; with their interactions being limited initially. However, her lively and outgoing personality eventually got him to open up and they began conversing on a regular basis. She had a heart of gold, and he had begun steadily falling in love with her.

At that point, something within urged him to take charge of his life. He couldn’t let his rules ruin his very chance at true love. He ultimately made up his mind, “I will confess my feelings the first thing I meet her; holding back will only ruin my life…I can’t let go of her!”

He finished eating, and after putting away the plate, he heard the doorbell ring. “Who could it be at this time?” he wondered. It rang again; he rushed to open the door. The visitor was none other than Jodha and her eyes were red, presumably from crying too much. He was about to ask her, when she entered inside and gave him a tight hug. Tears had begun flowing freely leaving him immensely worried. He spoke up, the panic visible through his voice, “What happened, Jodha? Are you okay? Why are you crying?” She replied back in a teary voice, “Sir, I think I have fallen in love with you….but I just went through the company circular…I could get fired…but I don’t…” “Shh! Don’t worry!” he rested his forehead against hers as she slowly shut her eyes, “I am there for you…I will protect you....always…” He looked into her eyes lovingly and pulled in for a kiss; leaving her shocked. At first, he nibbled her lips very softly, while she remained still. He ran his tongue over her lips, and eventually parted them. He slid it into her mouth, feeling each and every contour. She eventually let go of her passiveness, and began kissing him back. The kiss soon escalated into a passionate one, with both of them tasting each other. They rolled their tongues over each other’s, their saliva mingled. Jalal bit her lips and tongue slightly; she let out a slight moan. Both eventually pulled apart, Jalal’s breathing being heavily ragged. Jodha was blushing in shyness, she looked away from him. He smiled and tilted her chin upwards to look into her big, beautiful eyes; all he could see was raw desire and passion. It was useless to hold it back any longer; he picked her up in his arms. Her eyes widened, “Umm…Sir where are we going?” “Jalal…just call me that…” he said in a husky voice. “Jalal, where are you taking me?” He replied in a seductive tone, “Just be patient, baby doll….all your queries will soon be sorted…”

He carried her to his room and laid her on the bed so delicately, as if she was made of glass. She felt very comfortable, he leaned down to whisper in her ear, “I’ll be right back….” He left the room, only to enter with some sort of a basket, covered in cellophane paper and laid it on the bedside table. She got up, and saw it filled with all different kinds of items…looking more like a gift hamper. He began unwrapping it, while Jodha stared at him dumb-founded, “Jalal, what are you up to?” He held her by the shoulders and made her lie down, “Just wait, baby doll…the best part is yet to start!”

After successfully unwrapping the package, he began undressing her and soon she was only in her undergarments. He took off his t-shirt, and picked up a grape from the basket. Delicately placing it on her navel, he lowered his mouth and bit it to release the juice, which began flowing to the sides of her belly. She squirmed feeling the runny liquid, while he wasted no time and began drinking it. His tongue lingered all over her belly and sucked hard on her navel, making her moan in pleasure. He pulled out an entire bunch, systematically laid out the fruit all over her belly and did the same with each. The juice released was obviously more and he smirked, “I can’t wait to drink it all….it will taste even better on you…” She gulped in anticipation, he began drinking it and her breathing got heavier each time he laid his lips.

After the grapes, he pulled out a peach and took a bite. He leaned in towards her face and kissed her passionately, allowing her to taste the sweetness. She mingled her tongue with his, and pulled the stray piece of fruit into her mouth. He smirked at her naughtiness, and bit in for another piece. Planting his lips on her neck, he began kissing her wildly, biting and nibbling her skin, which left her moaning loudly. She felt the leaking juice mixed with his saliva forming a trail. He eventually made his way between her bosom, the juice wetting the bridge of her bra.

Jalal got up and pulled of his pants, returning to her in just his underwear. Jodha saw his aroused manhood creating a bulge; shyness engulfed her being. He climbed over her, flashing a sly grin and stripped her of her undergarments. She now lay below him completely nude, leaving him completely amazed. She looked beautiful without any clothing; almost like a seductress. While she was eagerly anticipating his next move, he was eager to show what he had in store for her.

He pulled out a box of chocolates, there was an assortment. Picking up one, he placed it on her breast and began spreading it all over the mound with his mouth. The chocolate being soft only helped in his task. After the piece disintegrated, he stuck his tongue out and began licking it off her breast. On reaching her nipples, he let it linger; feeling nothing less than velvet. It was extremely arousing and exhilarating for her, he could feel her nipple harden as he rolled his tongue over it. She screamed out his name loudly and he couldn’t help but feel happy. He repeated the same with the other breast and the pleasure doubled for her. She began scratching his back with her nails, leaving signs of her pleasure. He also smeared some chocolate on her belly and began eating it, giving her soft bites as he went on. She let out her pleasure in the form of a moan and clutched his hair tightly, not wanting to let him go.

“Jalal, please enter me…I can’t take it any longer!” she uttered softly. However, he was in no mood to end it all just yet. He spoke seductively, “Baby doll, not yet…I haven’t even reached the best part…let’s see what is next on the list….” Reaching out to the hamper and pulled out a spray-can, which read ‘whipped-cream.’ “Umm…I just love this…can’t wait to eat this off you…” He shook the can and swirled the cream all over her breasts, covering each of them completely. She felt a bit cold, but was anticipating his next move. He began eating it, and slowly made his way to her bare skin. He sucked and bit hard on her breast, squeezing it in his mouth like a child. She just kept screaming, his teeth giving her more pleasure than pain. Her hands made their way to his underwear and she began pulling it down, in an attempt to free his manhood. She was ultimately successful, and he smirked at her boldness.

On being urged, she slowly parted her legs and he sprayed some cream on her inner thighs and legs. He ate it off, kissing and biting her near the core, while she felt a new gush of pleasure through her body. He loved her taste and was relishing to his heart’s content. He planted soft kisses all over her legs, her breathing escalated. She could feel the stickiness all over her body. He also licked off the cream which he put on her arms. The can ultimately emptied out, and he smirked, “See, I used the entire thing…you are so delicious…” “Jalal…now please…” “Uh..uh! There are some more interesting things I want to try on you!”

His eyes flicked to the inside of the basket and lit up instantly. He roughly made her get up and sit on his lap. She could feel him up against her core, as her curiosity increased, “What has gotten you so excited?” “Baby doll, just wait and watch…” He pulled out the bottle of champagne, her eyes widened, “How are you going to open that?” “Baby doll, you just relax. I will do it…” He had a wine-bottle opener within his reach and opened it, the liquid gushing out. He quickly poured it all over her shoulders and it flowed down. He tried to catch up with the trail and drank it, while the champagne and his mouth made her feel warm. Pressing his tongue all over her upper body he tasted her again, probably for the umpteenth time. Yet somehow, he could never tire of it. He ultimately emptied the entire bottle and drank, biting her bosom hard. She came all over his legs, he whispered in her ear, “You are such a naughty, naughty girl….” She was blushing at his audacity, but he wasn’t done. He began pinching her nipples to tease her again, and he heard her scream. She was finally reaching the last level of her tolerance; she needed him inside soon! “Jalal, please….I will just…” “Uh…uh. Just one more thing remaining…”

He threw her down on the bed, and began pushing his fingers in and out of her core; she was so wet. She yelled, “Please…please Jalal!” He took out a jar of honey from the hamper and poured some on her core. She squirmed as he lowered himself towards her and began tasting. He bit her sharply, and she clutched the bed in frustration and pleasure. He drank all the juice and honey, and he slightly entered his tongue into her. She was breathing heavily; it was nothing less than sweet torture.

He rose up and slowly inserted himself inside her, smoothly. He thrust hard into her; her moans only encouraging him. He began kissing her wildly, his body moving rhythmically against hers. Their hearts were beating fast; it was a new surge of energy they were feeling. He thrust more, and both mutually attained climax. He collapsed on her, still being inside as she put her arms around him and made him rest his head on her bosom.

“Jalal, I have gotten really sticky…can we cuddle after a bath?” she asked him innocently. “Wait, baby doll” he quipped, “I also want to bathe, let’s just go in together. We can have more then!” he said naughtily, hoping for a second shower round!

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  1. wow , another sweet & sensual OS of urs....:P

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    1. Dear,I am sorry to say......though I know I don't have any right to say.but still....How come it resembles FSOG....It was neither a actually rough sex.....& FSOG nowhere had a foodplay & a gentle sex for the first time........sorry to say dear.but ur comment is really non-understandable for me......I don't know about Sama's reaction.but....Would U please like to detail ur comment????

  3. Sama........ Though I have already read it before many times &commented it personally......but one official comments is necessary.isn't it???
    So......It was really a passionate, erotic, sensual & delicious OS .......Just loved it to the core.....But loved Jalal's gentleness too......I just loved it, loved it , loved it.very much