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Part 4

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Part 4
He finally returned to Karjat that night, in anticipation of the next morning. He wasn’t bothering about the rest of the formalities; as per his choice, Meeta had not yet informed the crew about the changes in production. He was confident about handling two shows, though he was no task master like Meeta, who handled a dozen at once. Jumping from one set to another was all he had to do; though he made up his mind of spending more time on the set of the historical for obvious reasons. His bed was neatly laid out, and he was ready to call it a day. The eagerness, or rather the desperation was getting to him. He wasn’t interested in the show; Pari was all he wanted. “I should meet her tomorrow right away. She has every right to know…or maybe no…I should just let things roll…let me put my plan in action…” he smirked, staring at the ceiling.
There was a grave reason as to why he didn’t want to reveal himself so early. In the midst of the acquisition, another problem had cropped up; but he was the least fazed by it. He very well knew that his sudden appearance would cause the leading lady to run away, and it would ruin everything. Playing mind games was his forte, and he wouldn’t think twice before manipulating anyone for his benefit. He was indeed a devil, and at that moment all he could think of was touching and running his lips and tongue all over her golden skin, “Time is moving slower than ever…but I am certain that you are closer than before…nothing can shield you from me…your biggest nightmare is coming true!”
The next day
“Hmm…such a lovely sunrise!” she chirped, standing at the window while sipping her tea. The pleasant morning seemed to be a start to another eventful and amazing day. She couldn’t wait to get to the set anymore; never had she felt the pressures of work there. Everyone was like a family and supported each other. Pari even prepared meals for the cast and crew at times, and they relished her cooking. She felt more than glad to oblige to their requests. Her call time was just two hours away yet she didn’t want to move from the window, which gave her a beautiful view of the mountains. Whenever she was in turmoil, looking at the splendid view from the window calmed her. Though she had recovered from the abuse, sitting idle often flashed the haunting scenes in her head. It was for the same reason that she kept her busy at all times, but trusting men was still a bit difficult. She had the most supportive co-stars, and a co-operative crew but a fear had set within her; the fear that he would find her and inflict the torture on her once again, albeit with renewed vengeance. She thought of visiting a psychiatrist many times, but dropped the idea. The show had just begun airing and any negative publicity could result in disastrous consequences. Her chain of thoughts was broken by the sudden ringing of her phone. She took the call; it was from the make-up head, “Ma’am, we need you to be a bit early today…” “Hmm…what happened?” “Actually, director ji told us that…we need a bit more detailing on the make-up and it takes time….” her voice trailed off. Pari replied in a calming voice, “Arre, why are you so tensed? It’s alright…I’ll be there early…”
After bathing, she readied to leave, the excitement on her face being persistent. She left the room, having absolutely no idea that things were going to take a shocking turn from that very day and that its repercussions would wreak havoc in her life.
“Good…have you arranged for my staff to monitor the crew?” he enquired with the ‘manager’ whom he had hired to be present on the set in his absence, “Yes, sir…we have a well-equipped team…” “And…did you tell them about the set of rules which I have set? And that they need to be strictly adhered to?” “Y….yes sir…I have handed them each a copy…and they will be distributed…” “Okay, I am counting on you till I am available personally…I am sure you will do a good job of it…”
Pari was ready, but she had yet not been called to shoot for her scenes. She sat in her air-conditioned make-up room reading a book, wondering what was causing the delay. Even when she had reported to the sets that day, there was an eerie silence among the crew members. None of them were talking even a word; many had a look of fear on their faces. Everything seemed too unusual; she also noticed that the director had changed. “Pata nahi kya hua hai….the entire atmosphere is just too serious…I hope nothing grave has happened…” She heard a knock all of a sudden; it was the assistant director, “Ma’am, you’re shot is ready…” “Alright I am coming….but what is the matter? Why is everyone so scared and hushed?” “Umm…nothing ma’am…everyone is just fine…I better go now…” “Arre…wait!” she called out, as he scurried out. His approach had left her dumb-founded; many questions had begun cropping up in her mind. The usually friendly, warm staff had begun acting in a very cold manner and it was troubling her to see them like that, “Hmm…I better go to the set….”
She entered the set, and saw the light crew setting up the illuminators, and the sound crew positioning the boom mics. The entire scenario was pensive; looking around she saw that everyone was standing and chairs had been provided only to the director and the cameraman. All her co-stars were standing aside, the look of discomfort on their faces visible. She went up to them, an expression of worry lacing her face, “Hi Prince, why are all of standing?” “Oh Pari, hi….we have been like this for an hour….” The look of shock descended on her face; everything seemed strange, “But…but why? Isn’t the production team supposed to take care of that?” He sighed and spoke up, “I don’t know, we tried asking them but…” “But what?” she almost screamed. “You see those people in the black t-shirts? They roughed us up….a fight almost broke out but no one got hurt…since then, we are not saying a word…” “This is wrong! They can’t dictate us like this!” “Pari, this is just one of them…an entire rule book has been circulated among the cast and crew….it enlists a load of other things we are banned from doing…” The look of shock on her face just kept growing; he handed her a copy of the rules they were supposed follow. She read through each of them carefully; many of them were just dubious and invalid. It seemed to her as if they had been framed to deliberately cause trouble. She read the last line from the page and looked around; everyone around her was under tremendous stress. The new security team was patrolling the set with an eagle eye. They seemed more like dictators rather than peacekeepers; spiking a low but constant fear among the crew.
Pari herself stood for an hour, before being called for her shot. The heavy costume and jewellery only made it more difficult, but she wasn’t the type who would throw a tantrum. The weight was killing yet she gave the perfect shot without many takes. After she was done shooting for the day, she changed back into her normal clothes and headed to her room. All the while, she was trying to analyse the dynamics. She couldn’t believe that Meeta had changed overnight like this; she was famed in the industry for having a relaxed work ethic. Even the new director was a hard taskmaster and was not letting the actors off easily. At the end of it, everyone was just feeling exhausted beyond comprehension. The fact that more such days were yet to come only caused more worry. Pari took it up as a challenge; she wanted to prove her professionalism. The recent changes were only a minor discretion and the show had potential to do wonders to her career. She needed to be more tolerant and  tried explaining it to herself in the subtlest of words, “I can do this…I have to do this for Ma and Preeti…Today was just the first day…I will surely get used to this style of working in the coming week…This is the real test!”
One week later
She stood out in the scorching sun, memorizing her lines from the bounded script. They were filming at a nearby lake, the scene where she is supposed to save a deer from being hunted by Jalal and Ruqaiyya. Her co-stars themselves were breaking into a sweat as they tried to read their dialogues. No fans had been provided and the chairs were as usual missing. The past week had been nothing short of torturous and raising their voice against the tyranny meant losing their job, as they had learnt. One of the assistant directors got into a brawl with the security team over wanting to leave early and the manager kicked him out without ado. The rest of the cast and crew were also threatened with the same fate if they dared to raise their voices. Since then, everyone was working out of compulsion and fear rather than interest. The director ensured that no one slacked off, but that was only one of the issues that were plaguing them.
The word had apparently gotten around that the shift in production had caused the major changes. However, it was still a rumour and there was no confirmation about the fact. Many had expressed the wish to explain their predicament to the production team, but they were just too scared of getting fired. The manager was rude and egoistic; he spoke and ordered everyone around as if he himself was the producer. The working of the team had changed drastically and some of them had been taken ill due to the erratic working hours. They had been working non-stop from 7 in the morning to 11 in the night, which would at times even extend to 2 am. The privileges such as pick up and drop services had been taken away, and so had the vanity vans. In its place, they had been allotted dinghy make-up rooms which had mostly non-functional ACs.
In spite of all the issues, never did the girl complain even once. She was taking everything in her stride and dealing with the problems as they came. Many of the junior artistes were quitting because of increased working hours coupled with zero increase in income. The main and supporting cast, however, wasn’t so lucky. Continuity was an important aspect of a TV show and leaving a show midway questioned the artiste’s professionalism.
Never in her dreams did Pari think that the person responsible for their state would be him. She herself had heard the rumours but chose to discard them. All she had in mind was to keep working, even if that meant neglecting her health. But it wasn't herself that she was worried about; the crew was in a dire state. They were terribly over-worked and their wages minimal. Being very sensitive, she couldn't bear to see their ordeal. She had seen many of them break down at the manager's harsh words. They were of a small reach and couldn't dare to raise their voices against the production team. Some members of the makeup team had also confided in Pari, and she had gladly listened. Apart from that, they had designated breaks for a limited time which they could not exceed, and if it did, they risked losing their jobs. As much the rules seemed ridiculous, they were being imposed strictly.
Rajat sat in his air-conditioned office, the smirk on his face not wearing off. The manager had been sending him a daily report since the past week and he was pleased with the fact that everyone was now at his mercy, and he had managed to seed terror into their minds from behind the scenes. Sipping on tea, his dark-smouldering eyes were enough to indicate that something sinister was running through his mind. Now that the 'ideal' situation had been created, he just needed the right moment to reveal himself, "I hope to appear in front of you soon....my Pari..."
Later that night
Pari lay in her bed, with the day's events running through her mind continuously. She herself was feeling troubled now; everyone's plight had begun affecting the girl. She wanted to do something for the people who had relentlessly worked for her; she couldn't bear the injustice they were being subjected to. "This is not fair...what have those innocent employees done! Even my colleagues are suffering! Why is Meeta ma'am doing this? She seemed so warm and friendly....she always takes care of her staff! Everyone is just too scared to speak up....I think I should go and talk to her tomorrow....It may be of no use but it's worth a try...."
The disgruntled man twisted and turned around for the umpteenth time. He had successfully created a dire situation, and couldn't wait for the next part of his plan to roll. Unlike for him, he hadn't had sex with any woman since the past week, in anticipation of his 'angel' landing in his arms soon. Erotic thoughts about her began taking shape; his mind never seemed to tire of it. Rather, his drive to obtain her only increased each time. "Let me just get hold of her....I will endlessly make love to her...." he smirked, "I won't let her leave the bed....she has to be with me for as long as I desire..."
The next day
Pari reported to the sets on time, and got ready. She stepped onto the set with all her finery, with the intention of meeting the manager. He was busy handing some paperwork, when she walked up to him. He was the least unfazed by her presence as she spoke up, "Manager ji, I need to speak to you..." "Ms Paridhi, can't you see that I am busy here...please leave..." "Mr Manager!" she raised her voice, "I spoke in a very composed manner....it’s better if you learn some manners...." He got up from his seat visibly angry, "Paridhi, I can easily get you fired....I hop..." "I just wanted to ask you whether you could arrange a meeting with the producer...." she cut him in between "What did you say? A meeting with...." "Yes, I wonder if you could..." The manager looked at her perplexed; he had orders from Rajat that he didn't want to meet anyone from the set. But Pari kept insisting and he was finally forced to tell her, "Please wait, I need to make a call..."
Later that afternoon
She patiently waited outside the cabin, in the royal attire. The office was in Karjat itself, but the waiting area was in the open. The heat was killing, and her costume was only making it worse. The shooting on the set had been stalled for a few hours, on the orders of the producer. She was glad; all her queries would finally be answered and there was hope of getting things back to normal.
Rajat, on the other hand was wrapping up the last of the work that he had remaining. He couldn't wait any longer; excitement was rushing through his being. He couldn't believe that the object of his desire was just a few metres away from him; it was the culmination of his endless planning. “Wow, what a miracle! I thought I would have to reveal myself to you…but looks like you couldn’t wait to meet me…” he smirked. Putting away the last file, he smirked and pressed the button for the bell. He turned his chair away and faced the wall, waiting for her to enter.
Pari heard the sound and immediately got up. She pushed the door and spoke through the narrow opening, "May I come in?" Receiving no answer, she entered in slowly and was feeling relieved due to the air conditioner. She walked towards the desk, her payals tinkling with each step. The sound was casting a spell on his senses; he could feel his mind becoming a slave. She stopped some distance away and he heard her sweet voice, “Meeta ma’am, its Paridhi here…I wanted to talk to you regarding the new rules that you have just brought in….” She waited for a response but got none; and took this as a cue to continue, “Ma’am, the rules are causing a lot of problem to not only to the actors but also to the crew, who are being over-worked. Their health is getting ignored in the process and many have taken ill….Ma’am I hope you will look into the matter as soon as possible….because some of them are just unreasonable….”
After she finished, a long silence ensued. A response was eagerly awaited, but he just kept smirking. Her straightforwardness had impressed him; never had he thought that someone would show courage to directly report their grievances. “Ma’am, are you there?” there was a hint of impatience in her voice. He finally decided to end the suspense and uttered, “Fallen ill? That is none of my concern…” The deep voice alarmed her; it seemed very familiar. The person on that chair was definitely not Meeta; her heartbeat increased. She feared the worst; in her mind she knew who it might be but she was trying to reassure her mind to think otherwise. However, his ensuing baritone completely shattered her faith, “Anyway, if they have any grievance, they should directly complain to me….Why does the leading lady have to take the responsibility for that?” Fear rose through her spine, she thought she would collapse. His deep and harsh voice was enough to cause her colour to run out. Within moments, the scenes of three months ago flashed in front of her eyes. The screams rang in her ears, and she could feel the pain he inflicted on her. Realising she was speechless; he slowly turned his chair around. His smirk only widened on seeing her; while her eyes widened out of fear and shock. She could feel his hungry gaze lingering all over; just like the time at his apartment. He got up and stood by the table, with Pari unable to react. His presence was enough to cause terror within her, his smirk made her uneasy. She thought she would breakdown; goosebumps had formed all over her arms. She couldn’t figure out, however, whether it was due to the AC or his unexpected appearance, “Good afternoon, Pari….we meet again….”
Precap: Now that she was within his reach, he didn’t want to let her go. She looked nothing short of stunning in the princess’ attire. The distance between them was minimal, and was reduced by none other than him. She was terrorized; his warm breath was scalding. He pushed her against the wall, trapping her with his arms while she pulled her hands close to her body, her breathing getting heavier. She was on the verge of tears, “Please….please….let me go…..” He smirked, rubbing his body against her, “No…now that I have found you….I won’t ever….no one can take you away from my clutches…”
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