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Part 5; important note below!

Hello, readers. I am posting Part 5 today on demand. This chapter may be slightly tragic; so please brace yourselves. You can post your comments in the CC link I am posting here.

Disclaimer : Purely a work of fiction. Characters may be real but the story is entirely a fictional account.

Part 5
“Good afternoon, Pari….we meet again….” the man spoke in a warm yet discerning voice. She barely heard him speak; his unexpected appearance had left her somewhat unresponsive. Seeing his face had shaken her up; she felt like the Pari from three months ago. She thought that nothing ever in the world could remind her of that horrific night again, but she had been sorely mistaken. The numb girl cast a glance at the person who had attempted to rape her; he showed absolutely no remorse even then. Rather he was enjoying the effect he was having on her and was studying the steady change in her expressions ever since she had come in. After a long bout of silence, he finally spoke up, “So…you came here to meet me regarding the crew…” His words hit her ears like lightening; she finally recovered from the shock, “Where is Meeta ma’am? And why are you in her office?” The man smirked, he was expecting this question, “Let’s just say Meeta ma’am was tired of her show….or rather her cast and crew…so she decided to hand the production over to me…” “You are lying!” she raised her voice, “I am sure you must have done something…she was extremely dedicated to the show!” Her eyes were glaring at him; he just continued to look into them and smirked, “Unfortunately, I am not lying…I am the producer of Jodha Akbar now…and may I know…what makes you have such a high opinion about Meeta? Was she so good in bed…that you have fallen in love with her?” He cheekily asked her, while she could only feel disgusted with the trash talk his mouth was churning out, “You know…you are just deplorable…I don’t even want to take your name while addressing...” “So, you did sleep with her…interesting…I never knew you liked women…Looks like I made a mistake in identifying you that night…” Pari didn’t know what she was feeling; was it anger at his cheap comments or was it just fear after he had made a mention about that night? But she was definitely sure of one thing; this ruthless person in front of her was trying to malign Meeta, “How dare you! Don’t you have any respect for women? You are talking so shamelessly about Meeta ma’am; I know you don’t hold me in high regard, but at least respect that woman who has a higher standing than you!” she was shouting and didn’t mind if the whole world knew what kind of a cheap and absolutely horrible person he was. Rajat just smirked at her, the words from her mouth seemed like that of a clairvoyant. “Paridhi ji, I am not maligning anyone…I am just saying the truth. Just like how I sleep with aspiring actresses, Meeta likes to do the same with hers. In simpler words, she is a lesbian…” Her eyes widened at his accusation; she wasn’t convinced, “I don’t believe you….she never tried anything untoward with me…and even if she was a lesbian…she’d be much better than you….” “Looks like you need to be shown something…it may open your eyes…clear out your misconceptions…”
He pulled out his phone and began playing the video; the same one he had shown Meeta when blackmailing her. At first, Pari watched intently and recognised the woman. However, she gaped in shock as the perfectly normal video became sleazy. It was obviously difficult to believe, not that Meeta’s sexual orientation would have bothered her much. Whatever may have been the case, she was a woman of great principles; unlike the man who was standing in front of her. The playback reached a point where it was getting too much for her sensibilities and asked him to stop it.
The man took the phone away, flashing a sly grin while she refused to cast another look at him. “So…now do you believe…that your holier than thou Meeta is not…like any of us?” “Whatever it may be…she helped me regain my confidence…and the kind of person you are, I am sure you must have blackmailed her…” she spoke in a voice laced with anger. He let out a slight chuckle; her anger only giving him the required humour, “See…my Pari knows me so well…I didn’t even say a word yet she figured out….” “Dare you ever say that again! I am not yours…And I would appreciate it if you didn’t take my name from your filthy mouth…” “What if I call you my Angel? Will that appeal to you?” “Shut up! You are nothing but a cruel, selfish man…I thought you would at least have realised your wrongdoing…but you are absolutely remorseless! If I had a choice, I wouldn’t even look at you…but I can’t see my colleagues suffer…so I am repeating myself for the last time; please don’t cause so much trouble to them…they are innocent and many have taken ill…the rules ought to be changed…”
“What if I say, that I won’t change them until I get something in return?” the man cheesily asked, as Pari was shocked by his audacity. “You are so greedy…you already have everything! What else do you want?” “I only want something from you…and once I have that…things will be back to normal…”    
She was flabbergasted; this man still had the gall to ask her a favour. He had no idea, absolutely no idea the amount of torment and trauma she had faced because of him. Instead of apologizing to her, he was acting shamelessly demanding. Ever since he had revealed himself to her, she wanted to run far away to a place where he wouldn’t have been able to find her. She could sense the darkness in his eyes; the same one she had seen when he had tried to force himself on her. Her sixth sense signalled her that trouble was brewing and it was better if she left the place without further ado. But her heart was still sensitive; she couldn’t think of herself whilst letting her colleagues suffer. She wouldn’t have ever been able to forgive herself if that happened. She decided to put up with his cheekiness for their sake, “Okay…what must I do…to stop all this?” Her lips quivered as she spoke, while the man couldn’t stop looking at them. They looked absolutely luscious, and her royal attire made her look nothing less than a blessing from the heavens. Only he knew how much he wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her senselessly. But one wrong move and he could have lost her again; so treading carefully seemed to be the best option, though less appealing. “Hmm…” the man went over to his desk and picked up a file, “Since, I am the producer now….The contracts for the cast have been revised…this is yours…only if you sign it will I promise to change the rules…” Pari walked towards him and took it from his hand, while he took the chance and placed it over hers. She squirmed at his touch, as it brought back not-so-fond memories. The girl fervently tried to free her hand, but this man was not only strong, he was also adamant. He smirked looking straight into her doe-shaped eyes, which were filled with fear and disgust. He freed her while she heaved sigh of relief, and began reading the contract.
At first, it seemed like a very normal contract, stating the things she was supposed to abide by and her working hours. As she went on, however, the clauses stunned her and she ultimately reached the last clause. She felt that she had been electrocuted; a lone tear escaped her eye as her colour ran out. Her hands slowly shut the file and she kept it on the table. A long silence ensued, which was broken by her soft yet firm voice, “How could you…how could you ever think that I would agree to that clause! I will never sign this! You and your contract can go to hell!” She turned around to leave the office, but he clutched her hand tightly. The girl began squirming in pain, “You sick bastard! Let me go!” “So much anger isn’t good, Pari…my jaan…” Her eyes widened and she began yelling, “Don’t you fucking call me that! I swear I will kill you!” Her words angered him; she was speaking way too much. He wanted to shut her up and letting his warm breath linger over her was the best way; so much that it began raking up fear and disgust in her. The man ultimately did the inevitable; and pinned her against the wall. The anger from before persisted a while longer; before making its way for pure terror. He was happy, she was finally where she belonged; with him. Now that she was within his reach, he didn’t want to let her go. She looked nothing short of stunning in the princess’ attire. The distance between them was minimal, and had been reduced by none other than him. She was terrorized; his warm breath was scalding. He pushed her against the wall, trapping her with his arms while she pulled her hands close to her body, her breathing getting heavier. She was on the verge of tears, “Please….please….let me go…..” He smirked, rubbing his body against her, “No…now that I have found you….I won’t ever….no one can take you away from my clutches…” He rubbed his lips all over her face, roughly. She began weeping terribly; his touch felt as if a dagger was being stabbed into her. Her tears weren’t bothering him one bit; all he cared at that point was about his own longing and suffering. She had only recovered from the previous ordeal; but there seemed no end to her trauma. Her muscles felt numb but she couldn’t push him off. The man in hunger bit her cheeks, making her shriek in pain. It was then she decided that it was enough and pushed him away with all her might. He stumbled, but ultimately regained his balance. Pari looked at him with angry eyes; her make-up and hair were ruined because of his heckling. She was extremely scared from inside but didn’t want to acquaint him with her vulnerability. Rajat just smirked; her eyes seemed much more beautiful in anger. “I am not waiting here a second longer…I don’t ever want to see your face again!” She rushed towards the door, when he spoke up, “Okay, so from today you are no longer a part of Jodha Akbar…” She froze in her tracks and couldn’t believe her ears. The amount of hard work and dedication she had put in to reach this far seemed to be in vain. “Yes, from today itself…you may resign…” His confirmation shattered her faith; her life was still in hands of the devil. The situation had become dire and if she lost her job, there was no way she could repay the instalments on things he had bought. Getting another show as the lead would be impossible; Rajat was very cunning and would spread false stories of her unprofessionalism in the industry. It would damage her career permanently, and she could be left unemployed. “But I don’t want to resign! Who are you to throw me out!” she yelled, while the man sheepishly replied to her, “Baby, I am the producer now…I can do whatever I wish! If you still want to remain a part of the show…the contract needs to be signed!” There was firmness in his voice; no way in hell was he going to let her call the shots anymore. She also sensed the change, and had a range of emotions surging through her. Straining her mind, she ultimately succumbed to the pressure, “Okay, I will sign the contract…but I am not going to agree with the last clause …” “Which clause are you specifically referring to?” “The clause which states that I will have to marry you….I would die than become your wife!” she yelled. He smiled and sat at his table, while she stared at him in anger and confusion. The man’s thoughts seemed like a mystery and it was difficult to gauge his wretched thinking.
“Why are you smiling? Did you not hear what I said?” his cheekiness was getting to her nerves, but he was enjoying at her expense. “Pari…I can remove the clause…” she heaved a sigh of relief as he went on, “But there are conditions…” The word ‘conditions’ was enough to put her into a quandary; something sinister was probably up in his mind. “What conditions are you talking about? Haven’t you had enough ruining all our lives?” “Paridhi…I get what I want at any cost…I don’t keep a score on life ruinage…that’s none of my business…any way, coming to the point….If I omit the said clause from the contract…then….I am liable to fire the entire crew and hire a new one in its place….” Pari was flabbergasted; she obviously didn’t want the crew to lose their jobs and go hungry. But at that point, her own life was on the verge of ruin and she couldn’t afford to sacrifice her happiness for their sake. Getting married to the man she loved was her dream and no compromise was going to occur on that front. “Alright…do whatever you have to…but I won’t agree to that clause…” “Oh really….what ever happened to the ever-sensitive Paridhi?” “I can’t afford to be selfless here….it is a question of my life…” Rajat smirked at her; the time had finally come to use his trump card, “Hmm…what if I say…that I auditioned your sister, Preeti? And that she has been selected? Its only matter of time before I lay my hands on her…” Paridhi was shocked to hear the mention of her sister; she began having doubts that he was keeping a track of her movements, “You are such a creep….bloody stalker! I am sure this is one of your tricks…stop lying!” she almost roared, but he remained composed. “I am not lying…she came to audition for a role last week…and made a mention of you being her older sister…and I am sure you wouldn’t want her to get deflowered so soon…”
“What….what rubbish is this…” she was at loss for words, “Mumma never told me a thing about Preeti coming to audition….” “That’s because she ran away from home…your mother probably didn’t want to tell you cause she didn’t want you to worry….but yes, I did provide her with accommodation….so she owes me…the debt can only be settled in one way…” “No! No way are you going to lay your dirty hands on her!” she yelled, as tears began flowing. An hour had passed by yet she hadn’t realised. The longer she waited, the more she felt being pushed towards hell. “So…we need a settlement here….you will have to accept the last clause or else, you will be plagued by bad luck thanks to the curses of the unemployed crew and I will spend a night with your sister….” She rued thoughtfully, it was a tough choice. But there was no way she could let her sister suffer; she wouldn’t have been able to forgive herself. Rajat smirked seeing the lines of worry on her forehead; there was no way out for her. She had to accept his conditions, and he had already built enough pressure on her. Pari could sense her thinking power blurring by the minute. The stress eventually got to her and the poor girl broke down. This was the end; she finally arrived at a decision. “I…I…accept the last clause….to be your lawfully wedded wife…” there was no stopping to the tears; her life had been single-handedly ruined by him in just a matter of an hour. He smirked; she was finally going to be his possession! His heavy planning had borne fruit, nothing could stop him. “We will have a simple court marriage in two weeks’ time…you can call your family if you wish…but dare you tell them that this is an agreement…or else you know what I am capable of…” “Just two weeks…why? Hasn’t that sadistic mind of yours had enough happiness?” “No…it hasn’t….I want you in my clutches sooner…you see, I won’t rest in peace till I have you….anyway, you must go back to the set now…I will keep you informed…”
Two weeks later, Mumbai Family Court, Bandra
She waited anxiously in the sweltering heat, trying to contain her tears. The past two weeks had been horrible; the word had somehow spread around the set and she was constantly reminded that she was to marry him. No one knew the entire truth, and everyone had just assumed they were in love. Her mother and sister stood by her side, waiting for his arrival. The bride was dressed in a heavily embroidered saree with minimal jewellery; it was hardly the momentous occasion she had dreamed of. The groom arrived in his car, and stepped out with his director friend. He was immaculately dressed in a smart suit and aviators adorned his face. He smirked at the bride, while she didn’t want to even cast a look at him. He walked up to the family, and greeted them. Pari’s mother smiled; she was thrilled at the idea of having Rajat as her son-in-law. Ever since the daughter had informed her about him, she wasted no time in accepting the alliance and was more than happy to have them wed at the earliest. Preeti looked up dotingly at her to-be brother-in-law, and felt lucky that her producer was now going to be family.
The bride and groom, walked into the court where an appointment had been fixed. Rajat’s friend was supposed to sign as a witness from his side, while Pari’s mother was her witness. The two of them signed on the documents and were pronounced legally wed. Pari was glad for the ordeal to be over; her hands were shaking with fear as a mere parchment sealed her fate. She wanted to press her face into a pillow and cry; it was all she had done into the days leading up to her ‘wedding’. She could even sympathize with Jodha; she was being forced to marry the person she hated only to save her family. Since she herself was undergoing personal turmoil, it was becoming easy for her to bring out the required sadness on screen. There was pain, sadness and betrayal in her being; life had been unkind. After the formalities were completed, she sat in Rajat’s car and they began heading towards his farm house in Karjat. She made it a point not to even look at him, while he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked beautiful, and now that she was his wife he had exclusive rights over her!

Precap – He grabbed her shoulders tightly, his nails sunk in through the fabric of her blouse. She began wailing in pain, “Rajat…please…you are hurting me…” The man looked at her with hungry eyes, “No way….I have waited for this moment since the past three months…” He pulled the pallu off her shoulder and threw her on the bed, while she tried to cover herself. He climbed over her like a wild beast, she was continuously wailing. He began touching her bosom, and was soon kneading them roughly with both his hands. She shouted out, “Please…please….stop it! It is paining! Please…please…please” Her words fell on deaf ears; he was only paying heed to his inner desires, his inner impatience. He squished them with both his hands and tugged on the blouse, making the hooks break. The flow of tears wasn’t ceasing; she was pleading him to stop. He laid his hands on her brassiere and just froze, all of a sudden.

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Note:I do not support any kind of abuse meted out to women, and like everyone else feel that it should be reported. However, in India, rape or molestation occurring within the confines of a marriage is not considered an offence. But it is very important to know that such a problem does exist. It is for that reason I am using it in my story to create awareness about it. No one has the right to force you to do something you don't wish to.


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