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Part 6

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Disclaimer : Purely a work of fiction. Characters may be real but the story is entirely a fictional account.

Part 6
The newly-weds arrived in Karjat, after a four-hour drive. The car stopped in front of a very nice looking house. Rajat had a victorious smile throughout, while Pari’s face reflected immense sadness. The entire journey had been physically and mentally exhausting; all the while he kept scanning her top to bottom and the stress she felt was unnerving. Each time he looked at her, he imagined ripping every single garment off her body. All throughout the journey, she fervently prayed for her protection. The persistent fear of him pouncing on her was plaguing her; she wanted to run far away from him. But it was known to her, she couldn’t go too far. He would eventually catch up and jail her in his lust. He had the strong urge to grab her hand but controlled himself. He wanted the perfect moment, and now that it wasn’t far he didn’t mind waiting a bit longer. He would thoroughly relish her body and taste every bit of her that night. The endless wait would finally culminate, and there was no end to his happiness.
She stepped out of the car, her meek body language not going unnoticed. Though the house looked beautiful on the outside, she very well knew what hell it was from within. Standing still in her tracks, her husband stood beside her. He gave her a smirk, while she turned her face away. She desperately wanted the man out of her sight, but her fear only increased as he tightly grabbed her hand. He began marching forward, tugging the bride. He clutched her bangles hard, almost bending them. As he continued to roughly pull her, she put up a weak struggle to free herself. The beastly man was adamant; letting go of her meant more turmoil and suffering. They reached the entrance and he rang the bell, with him still holding on to her.
He rushed inside the mansion, his hand not letting go of his prized possession. She was hurting terribly and almost winced in pain. This man was strong; a single hand was enough to cause a distortion in the bangle. He eventually let go of her, as she lunged ahead and almost lost her balance. She regained her posture and looked at her wrist; it bore red imprints of his fingers. The sharp edges of the bangles were piercing her skin, as it almost bled. She looked at him; her face showing fear and sadness, she almost burst into tears. The man cheekily smirked, “Go freshen up…it’s almost dinner time…see you at the table…koi bhi shaitani ki na…I swear, you will see the worst of me…” He directed a servant to lead her to a room on the ground floor, while he walked off.
“Aunty, thank you so much…” Pari fervently thanked the help, who had brought her to the room. It was big and spacious, with an attached bathroom. A large bed was placed in the middle of the room, and she made her way to sit on it. The old help walked up to her, “If you need anything just…Baap re! What is this?” she exclaimed as her eyes flicked to the mark-bearing wrist, “Beta, how did this happen?” she took the girl’s hand in hers examining it, “I think this needs medicine…wait here, I’ll just go and get some…” The lady paced out of the room, to return with a tube, cotton and some gauze. Lightly holding her hand, she rubbed the antiseptic on the wounds, covered it with the wool and wrapped the gauze around it, “Beta, you lie down…take some rest…I’ll call you when dinner is ready…” “Aunty, please! Please let me stay here! I don’t want….” she spoke frantically, while the lady replied with a calm and assuring voice, “Don’t worry beta, if you wish to rest…then not a problem…” “Thank you so much! I don’t want to even see his face! He…he almost…” there were tears in her eyes, as memories of that horrifying night came flashing. She shuddered thinking of the endless suffering in her way, “Aunty, aunty please! I beg you! Please keep him away from me! He will taint me! Please!” The lady cast a glance at her, and almost had tears in her eyes. Pari’s mental state at that point of time was pitiable, and the help really wanted to do something for her. But she was only a mere employee; there was no way she could defy Rajat. He job was to follow the instructions he had set for her, and in this case it meant fulfilling every request of his bride. “Beta, you look very tired…take a nap if you want…we’ll see about it later…”
Her eyes were shut; deep in slumber. Sleep seemed the only respite at that point; there was immense fear that opening them would mean nothing but pain. Suddenly, she felt a tug on her arm and slowly opened her eyes to see the cause of the distraction. It was none other than her erstwhile husband, with a smirk adorning his face. Seeing him left her scared to death, his touch was scalding. Rajat was only waiting for a chance to put his hands on her, and seeing her fear only made him want to do it more. He seized it, and grabbed her elbow tightly, “Hmm…so Pari my angel was sleeping…interesting…” “Let go of me! You have hurt me enough…what more do you want!” He let out a slight chuckle hearing her sweet yet firm voice, “Well…let’s just say that I derive pleasure out of it….maybe I am truly a sadist…” “You….you bloody…you are a fucking sadist! There is no two ways about it!” Her anger was exciting, almost arousing to him. He always wondered if she was this passionate about her feelings, there could be so much passion from her side during intimacy, “You know…let’s cut it right here…dinner is ready and I wouldn’t want my angel to go hungry….” She replied with anger, “I don’t want you calling me that! Asshole!” Her foul-mouthed stance was making his blood boil and he clutched her elbow tighter, “Listen! I am sure you don’t want me dragging you out like I did earlier…so I request you to comply with me…or else…you will repent…do you get it?” She nodded meekly, the fear getting to her again. “Good,” he let go of her arm and the two began heading towards the dining room.
Food was served; non-veg for him and vegetarian for her. He began chewing into the tandoori leg that was served to him, casting intense glances at her. She meekly tucked into her meal consisting of curry and rice, her eyes droopy. The girl hadn’t changed yet, being far too tired and scared to proceed with anything. The only thing she hoped for was sound sleep; she wanted to forget about everything. Meanwhile, the man had no respite from the rising passion within him. He was eating the meat as if he intended to devour his bride in a similar way. Seeing her take tiny bites, he spoke up, ‘Please don’t feel shy, my angel….take more if you feel hungry…big girls like you need to be eating well…” his voice had a hint of sarcasm, which wasn’t received well. But instead of shouting, she chose to be silent. She had enough problems to deal with and snapping at his every word was getting exhausting. Taking the last morsel, she finished her meal and walked off without looking. He smirked, taking another bite of the meat, “Bas…just some more time…nothing can save you from me…I’ll taste you…lick you…bite you…only then will this restlessness go away…”
Pari lay down on her bed, the trails of dried tears running down her cheeks. Her friends had no idea about her marriage nor did anyone on the set. She was supposed to report to work the next day. Conditions on the set had improved drastically, and many of the crew had returned back to work. Her colleagues were also relaxed, since the security and manager had been sacked. Though things were back to normal, it had come at a price of her life and very existence. On the financial front as well, the picture was pleasing. Rajat had paid off all her loans but she only considered it a ploy from his side. He was ready to launch her sister in the industry, but her life had come to a dead-end. All dreams shattered, all hopes buried, life would go on like some drudgery.
After making some important calls, she was all ready to call it a day. The girl switched off the light, not bothering to change out of her attire. The darkness was frightening, and she had put on the bedside lamp. She pulled the comforter over herself protectively, and shut her eyes. The day’s events had been constantly running through her mind; she wanted to forget each and every bit. Even the simplest of things seemed difficult to do; the mental strain was too much. In the midst of it all, she closed her eyes and began reciting a prayer. She asked for the strength to keep her strong and safe, as she eventually felt blinky.
“Perfect!” he exclaimed, peeping into her room throw the narrow gap. The door slowly opened and he stepped inside, walking on tip-toes. An evil smirk descended on his face, as he sat on the bed reducing the distance between them. He had a strong urge to pull off the comforter resting lightly on her shoulders, and didn’t waste a second before laying his hands on it. Her bare skin slowly came into view, and it was enough to ignite the fire within him. He lowered his palm to feel the smoothness, when all of a sudden her eyes opened wide. There was no need for her to even look; she could feel his penetrating gaze lingering all over her. There was no end to it; he was undressing her yet again. She promptly got up from the bed and faced him, more angry than sad. The man’s obsession with her was beyond the girl’s understanding. She hated everything about him; his gaze, his persona, his behavior….everything. “What….what the hell are you doing here!” He looked up at her and was clearly anticipating the situation. He was remorseless as usual and didn’t feel the need to put her at ease. “What do you think I am doing…trying to lay my hands on your lovely skin…” he said, inching closer towards her. “You…you…” she took a step backwards, the fear within her rising. However, it didn’t make a difference; he tactfully enclosed the distance between them and foiled all her attempts. Seeing her colour run out gave him an unimaginable thrill, “I am sure you’re not a virgin…are you?” She rose her eyebrows in anger, “What the fuck…how dare you ask me! That is none of your business!” The man put his finger on her lips, “Shh! Stop swearing so much…doesn’t suit that angelic face of yours…anyway, you aren’t a virgin right?” “I told you, its none of your fucking business!” she screamt, while his blood was boiling with her non-compliance. He lifted the glass vase from the table and smashed it into pieces, frightening her. “Answer as you are fucking asked to! Or I can do worse!” “Y…yes…I am…am not a virgin…” she meekly responded, her voice giving away her state of mind. “Good,” he smirked, while she was trying to gauge what was going on in the brute’s mind, “It won’t hurt then…” The words were enough to hit the panic button; something bad was going to happen. Before she could plan her next move, he grabbed her shoulders tightly and his nails sunk in through the fabric of her blouse. She began wailing in pain, “Rajat…please…you are hurting me…” The man looked at her with hungry eyes, “No way…I have waited for this moment since the past three months…” He pulled the pallu off her shoulder and threw her on the bed, while she tried to cover herself. He climbed over her like a wild beast, she was continuously wailing. He began touching her bosom, and was soon kneading them roughly with both his hands. She shouted out, “Please…please….stop it! It is paining! Please…please…please” Her words fell on deaf ears; he was only paying heed to his inner desires, his inner impatience. He squished them with both his hands and tugged on the blouse, making the hooks break. The flow of tears wasn’t ceasing; she was pleading him to stop. He laid his hands on her brassiere and just froze, all of a sudden. It was as if his reflexes were failing him; his mind having the strong urge to rip apart her bra. He asked himself, “Why? Why have my hands suddenly stopped? The woman I have wanted for so long is finally in front of me, at my will….then why can’t I bring myself to go on?” He glanced at his bride’s face; stained with tears and fear in her beautiful eyes. She pleaded, not through words, to not taint her. She was too scared to even speak, and he started feeling terrible. Her tears pierced his heart, and he got away. He pulled the comforter to cover her modesty, which had just been enraged by him moments ago, “You may rest…” That’s all he said before leaving her alone, and she fell into a deep slumber shortly. She was way too tired to think of what happened, and was only glad that nothing worse occurred.
The man, however, was filled with guilt. It was a new feeling; he had done worse things to people yet he hadn’t come across the emotion he was experiencing at that moment. As much as it was surprising, it intimidated him too. For the first time in years, he was actually feeling horrible. It was difficult for him to fathom the reason; he wanted to be another person at that point. He never understood the complexities of positive emotions, but little did he anticipate that such a negative emotion would boggle him. There was need for diversion, and what better way to achieve it than a no strings attached night of passion? Even though he was married, it wasn’t going to stop him from doing what he wished. He pulled out the phone from his pocket and dialed a number, “Listen…stay in your room…I am coming….”
He rang the doorbell, and the person at the other sensed the passion and desire in his eyes. She pulled him in and began kissing him wildly. He began stripping her, while she didn’t waste time in unbuttoning his shirt. He threw her onto the bed, and violently tugged on her bra to free her bosom. He played and tasted them, while she moaned loudly. After pleasuring her to the maximum, he decided to get to the point. Throwing off his clothes, he began thrusting hard into her while she made her pleasure known to him. As he continued, the scenes of moments ago continued to flash in his mind. He was feeling it again; the guilt, the baggage. He tried to forget by concentrating on the situation, but it refused to escape his mind. On attaining his climax, he moaned loudly and collapsed on top of her. One part of him felt satisfied, yet another part of him was as empty as ever. He was surprised; sex was the only thing that made him feel better. Yet this time, an unknown yet obvious worry was bothering him. He quickly got up and wore his clothes, leaving the place without saying a word.
She got up the next morning, and was horrified to see herself in disarray. It reminded her of the previous night; how she almost got raped. She needed to change her clothes, looking at herself in the damaged ones would only remind her again and again. She had no time to think and contemplate; her shoot was to begin and she needed to hurry up. There was no sign of him anywhere, she heaved a sigh of relief and entered the bathroom.

She was done after a while, and stepped out wearing a bathrobe. Shutting the door, she turned around only to find her husband standing in the alleyway, looking more disturbed than vicious. Anger rose to her face, and she continued her work whilst ignoring his presence. He waited for her to respond, and waited patiently. She walked out of the room, brushing against him. Her shoot was to begin and she had no time to waste; dressing up in the other room seemed the best option. Rajat just stood there in his tracks, wondering what he exactly wanted. It had finally begun, and nothing was going to stop it!

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Note:I do not support any kind of abuse meted out to women, and like everyone else feel that it should be reported. However, in India, rape or molestation occurring within the confines of a marriage is not considered an offence. But it is very important to know that such a problem does exist. It is for that reason I am using it in my story to create awareness about it. No one has the right to force you to do something you don't wish to.