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Part 7

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Disclaimer : Purely a fictional account. No resemblance to real life whatsoever :)

Part 7
Two weeks later, Jodha Akbar set
“And that’s a cut!” the director yelled, with Pari heaving a sigh of relief. She and her on-screen husband enacted a confrontation scene, where she needed to give him a farmaan to save her friend’s life. There was a display of intense emotions and both of them needed to channel all their rage for each other through their eyes. For some reason, all the aggression and sadness came to her naturally while enacting her scenes. While everyone praised her for the superior display of acting, they weren’t aware about the turmoil in her personal life. She hardly spoke to anyone, and kept to herself. Her co-star Sheezan, who was playing Jalal her on-screen husband, had try to speak to her many times. All she did, however, was respond in monosyllables and talk only when required. It had, thus, created an impression about her in their minds; that she was snooty and thought no end of herself. But no one stopped to think even once what she was going through; that how her biggest nightmare had metamorphosed into reality. Her life had spiraled out of control, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.
The news of her hurried nuptials to Rajat hadn’t leaked out on the set yet. Everyone only identified him as the producer; not knowing that he was in fact the husband of the lead actress. The man even made frequent rounds of the sets, to supervise the shooting. He happened to be present when an important scene was being canned between Pari and Sheezan. He couldn’t stop his lusty gaze from lingering all over her body, while she displayed a hint of nervousness on the camera. It was making her uncomfortable; she wanted to finish the scene and run off to her make-up room. He could only smirk at the effect his gaze was having on her, enjoying every sign of uneasiness. However, the fun ended when “Cut!” was heard; she almost disappeared into oblivion.
He had come again that day for his usual set of rounds. However, it was just an excuse to see her; he didn’t want to admit but her meekness along with bouts of feistiness turned him on very much. All the man wanted was a chance; a chance to throw her on a bed and fuck her endlessly. It was a distant dream, despite the fact that he almost forced himself on her the other night. The entire scenario was bugging him to no end; why did he stop? He always thought that he wasn’t capable of any feelings. Yet, that day proved him wrong and it was more than enough to shake his faith. But still, the guilty him was much weaker than the evil him; it still wanted to teach her a lesson and inflict harm on her.
Since she was out of work for the moment, her feet scurried her off to the make-up room. Slamming the door shut, she sat down on the couch while continuing to take deep breaths, “Why….why the hell….shoots are the only time when I am at peace…yet...yet…” the poor girl was on the verge of breaking down. The entire situation was getting too much for her to handle; and at one point she fervently wished that her life was sucked out. At least then, she would be free and at peace with herself. After their ‘first night’ Rajat hadn’t tried to force himself on her again, but there was no way to rule out the possibility that it could happen. She decided to adequately defend herself by sleeping in a different room all by herself and securely locking the door from inside. Besides, keeping a Swiss knife handy had become top priority at all times. She lived in constant fear; there was no respite whatsoever. However, every night the girl heard sounds of passionate love making coming from his room which made her squirm with disgust. The only thing which kept her at ease was the assurance that he would keep his hands off her, since he was busy doing the only thing he was capable of; indulging in endless debauchery.
Little did she know that despite his sexcapades there was immense dissatisfaction, to no end. Each time he pounded into some girl, all he could think of was how Pari would react, how would she moan and respond back. He would often shut his eyes to counter the thoughts but it would only enhance his wild imagery. It had very well struck the man that she was trying to be as far as possible, but this only made his drive stronger. He decided to head towards the make-up room, a smile adorning his face.
She had managed to calm herself down, no one to disturb her. Her next shot was due in a few minutes and checking her make-up was top priority. After removing the kinks in her dress, she took a deep breath. It was then he slammed the door open without having the courtesy to knock. Pari turned around, a look of horror descending on her face. Rajat swiftly made his way to her with nothing but his trademark smirk. He closed in the distance between them with her being scared to death, “Umm…uhh….why did you c…come here?” “Stop acting so foolish…you exactly know so….” She began breaking into sweat while he just looked at her with deepening intensity, “You don’t think I noticed your ‘sincere’ efforts to avoid me? I am not that much of an idiot you know….” “I told you….I needed to get myself in order!” Her voice had considerably risen and that was the only thing having the capacity to piss him off. Also, she looked strikingly beautiful; the new post-wedding attire was enough to send his mind into a frenzy of desire. The man intently studied each of her features whilst inching closer towards her. Terror descended on her face, she instinctively moved backwards. “Aaah…” he muttered within, “Her eyes….her lips….her skin….even her boobs look more perked up than usual...Oh God…I want to strip her…”
Pari’s back hit against the wall and he wasted no time to trap her between both his arms. The suddenness of the entire situation brought the fear to her mind only later. In the meantime, he had already pressed his body against her. Realization dawned upon her, and she began hitting her fists on his chest. Her punches were only turning him on further, and he almost crushed himself onto her delicate body. There was no limit to the fear; his warm breath was engulfing her from within. Sensing that all attempts at self-defense were in vain, the girl gave up. He smirked at her until finally uttering, “Hmm….are you done with the fists?” His hand eventually made its way to clutch hers tightly. Pari squirmed in pain; she thought he would break her bones. “Aah! Aah! Please…please! It hurts!” The man paid no heed to her cries; rather he began touching her belly with the other. There was stone-dead silence within her as she went numb. Ceasing all struggle she went numb, not reacting to anything that he was inflicting on her. The girl withdrew which is when Rajat stopped. He saw her face, it was a flush of red and her eyes reflected severe pain. It was immensely troubling for him as a lone tear escaped her eye. He was feeling guilty and decided to retreat when Pari blasted out in anger, “Asshole! What the hell were you doing! I am going to complain to the police and…”
It ticked him off. It wasn’t long before his guilt was replaced by extreme sadism. Her tongue was unusually acidic in comparison to her good looks. Whichever way, it was highly annoying for him and he re-pinned her against the wall. Panic struck her, however, when he began lowering his face towards her….only to realize that his mouth was near her ear, “Hmmph…so you kept a new name for me eh…very creative…but do you know….I am much more than what you called me….” Pari meekly replied, “Wh..what are you talking about?” “You see…I am expert with this…” The man stuck his tongue out and began licking her cheek furiously. Pari tried to push him away to no avail, she didn’t want his filthy mouth anywhere on person. He continued despite facing rebuttal, only to go and bite her cheek. She screamed as the man pulled away, smirking at her. Pari was seething with anger, she lifted her hand and it landed hard across Rajat’s face. It came across as shock, not that he wasn’t expecting an outburst; he had only underestimated the magnitude. The man’s hand instinctively rose to his cheek, while she yelled, “You bastard! How dare you do that to me! You are a worthless piece of shit!” “You know, I have seen so many shades of your anger….yet this turned me on the most…” he cheekily replied. “You…you!” she was struggling for words, while the man calmly placed his palm over her mouth, “Itna gussa….I can’t imagine what sort of a tigress you’d be in bed….I’d absolutely love to get bruised by you….” A death glare came his way as the man went on, “Anyway, I wanted to say that I wish to make our marriage public knowledge….no one on the set knows about us….they definitely deserve to receive such important information....I’d be making the announcement shortly and I need you to be with me….no ifs or buts….it is the producer’s order….any argument will be replied with this…” The man began licking her cheek, while his wife squirmed within his grip. He withdrew and gave her a smirk, “I hope you have understood….so I wish to see you outside in the next 10 minutes….” With that the man swiftly left the room, banging the door shut. She began sobbing uncontrollably; things were taking a turn for the worse.
Jodha Akbar Set, Karjat
“God knows what he wants….he has already made our lives miserable….” rued Miya, the actress who was playing Ruqaiyya. Rajat’s assistant had hurriedly announced that the producer wanted to make an important announcement and had urged all the actors and crew on the set to group for the same. As they waited for the man to arrive, several murmured as to the plausible reasons. There was some fear, as the word had gotten around that Rajat wasn’t particularly happy with some of the actors, and there had been verbal altercations between them. Rumours were also floating around that he was favouring some cast members over the others, and there were chances of a possible pay-hike for the said actors. In short, the environment on the set was tense and the suspicion among the cast and crew had already soured many relationships. Also, the conditions on the set hadn’t improved much even after Rajat had personally started visiting the sets. Crew members would still get fired over trivial issues and work hours were no less than killing. But the consistent hard work from everyone had upped the ratings of the show; however, relationships had been compromised in the process. No one hung together after shoots wrapped up and there was not a speck of laughter. The once-lively place seemed more like prison which kept suffocating.
“Good evening….my dear cast and crew…” the man spoke up, as stoic silence ensued. Even his niceness seemed to be such a put on, as everyone now was well aware about the evil within. He went on, “As all of you are aware, I have an important announcement to make….I wanted to inform all of you that my nuptials took place with an established actress nearly two weeks ago…” The audience gasped with shock, jaws almost dropping. Who could be so foolishly blind in love, was the question that had arisen in everyone’s mind. At the same time, they were wondering why was he so enthusiastic about announcing the news of his marriage to them. “Anyway,” he continued, “the woman who has had the privilege to be my wife is none other than our esteemed cast member…our Princess…our Queen…my Pari…”
She was hiding behind the pillar; it was only when her name was announced that the girl began meekly walking towards her husband. As her name was heard, silence and shock gripped the audience. Many of them had interacted with Pari earlier and it was very much evident that Rajat was the only cause of her current state. The only doubt plaguing each of their minds was that why would a sensible and independent girl like Pari agree to marry an insensitive, chauvinist like Rajat? She was dressed in her royal costume, but she looked no less than overworked and oppressed woman; heavily contrasting from the Queen she was portraying. The man smirked and put his arm around his wife, while an expression of fear descended on her face. By then, it had become evident to everyone that this was nothing close to a happy union. Miya, who had interacted on a regular basis with her, was shocked beyond imagination. It was saddening to see such a lively girl lose the very essence she was known for. Rajat had anticipated everything; the shock followed by the murmurs. He knew that he wasn’t in the good books of the anyone, yet he decided to clear the air, “Everyone must be wondering how come we got married….well, I met Pari nearly six months ago…she had come to audition for a another show….but that association never got through…however, the cupid’s arrow had already struck…distance could not do us apart….and we crossed paths again….only to end up together….didn’t we?” he cast a sly yet firm look at the girl, whose ears had stood up after hearing the lie he had just fabricated. There was no one as disgusting as him; he was tainting the idea of pure love to justify their sick and forceful union! She would have slapped him there itself, but there were too many people around. It was understood that he wanted to put up a façade and if she tried to pour water, the consequences could have been terrible. Hence, despite feeling enraged, she put up a straight face while the man waited for an approval. Feeling compelled, she nodded her head and gave a slight smile. “See...the grin finally escaped!” he tried to sound humorous, but it failed to amuse the audience. “Anyway, let’s get back to work…a lot remains to be done!”
Later that night, Rajat’s mansion
Pari rested in her room; flipping the pages of a novel she had only recently begun reading. There was a look of contentment on her face; a long talk with Miya had been enough to take the terrible load off her head. Plus Sheezan had also been kind to go out of his way to put her at ease. Now that everyone knew the exact cause of her misery, they were going to make sure that she smiled. She felt extremely grateful; though life had played a cruel joke on her, it had also given her the support from unexpected quarters. The girl continued to smile, when she heard a loud knock, “Aunty…please aa jayiye….” The door opened and to her shock, it was none other than Rajat. He had an evil yet mysterious smile as he walked up to her. She was frightened and quickly pulled up the blanket over herself while he sat beside her, “Hmm…I just wanted to say that you acted wisely today…” “What do you mean?” “You have learnt the ropes of our arrangement…it was smart of you to not blurt out the reality…or else you know what could’ve happened….” he gave her a wink, while she looked away in disgust. “You are sorely mistaken Rajat….everyone knows what kind of an asshole you are…no one would ever marry you…that’s how cheap and disgusting you are…” The words coming out of her mouth pained him, yet the man’s ego seemed to be bruised far more. He grabbed Pari’s face and made her face him, while she was taken aback. “Asshole huh….hmm…I don’t give a fuck…what everyone else thinks…the only thing that matters to me is…” he tightened his grip with her squirming to get free, “your pain…the same pain you caused me when you rejected me that night…no one had ever done that before…I had firmly made up my mind to cause you the same pain…whether emotional, mental or…” the man lowered his face on her left cheek and bit it hard making her wail in pain, “even physical…” he smirked while tears began flowing down her cheeks. “See, these tears…they are the cost of my pain…and they will continue, till I wish to see them…”

The man let go of her face harshly, almost pushing her to the bed and exited the room. Pari began crying, she was feeling lonely and trapped, “There is no God…there is no one!” she rued, while cursing her fate. Her cheeks had turned red, partly due to the attack of his teeth. She had only defended herself that night, yet this man was making it seem like the biggest sin in the world! Should have she just let him rape her then? At that point, she thought that letting him derive pleasure from her body would have been less painful than the torture she was undergoing at that point. She wished for her life to end, but Jodha Akbar was still there and it was a top priority. Rajat could mess with her mind, body and emotions, but the last thing he could do was affect her professionalism. With that thought, she began looking forward to work, to being Jodha Begum!
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Note: I do not support any kind of abuse meted out to women, and like everyone else feel that it should be reported. However, in India, rape or molestation occurring within the confines of a marriage is not considered an offence. But it is very important to know that such a problem does exist. It is for that reason I am using it in my story to create awareness about it. No one has the right to force you to do something you don't wish to.


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