Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Something New

Hello my dear readers! I am so sorry for having been away...too much workload was the primary reason apart from some personal issues..anyway...the following write-up is inspired from what I dreamed about....I made my own additions as I forgot most of it...it is not titled...but I hope you guys like reading!

Oh yes, this is an original piece....I guess I needed a break from fan fictions! :D

Sia was confused. She had a party to attend that evening and nothing to wear. Scanning through her wardrobe, the girl couldn’t make up her mind to choose an outfit. She needed to hurry up; time was running and she needed to be ready in time for her friend Kriti. The two of them were supposed to be leaving together and would crash at Benika’s place, the host.
“Hmm…how about this?” She held the green knee-length dress against her frame but didn’t look convinced. “How about something shocking…” she told herself and pulled out a red halter dress. It was a nice design, with a really elaborate design on the neckline. She pulled out a pair of chandelier earrings from the dresser and a nice pair of flats to go with it. “Perfect!” she exclaimed and began getting dressed.
It was nearly 9 pm, when Sia heard the door bell ring. Her mom opened the door and yelled out, “Sia! Kriti is here!” “Yeah Mama! Coming!” She quickly adjusted her dress and slung the purse on her shoulders, before stepping out and running towards Kriti. “Haaayyee!” the two yelled in unison and pulled each other in for a hug. “Both you girls look so nice!” Sia’s mother couldn’t stop smiling looking at the girls. “Thank you aunty!” Kriti nearly screamed. “Anyway, some instructions before you go…if you are getting too late, just stay over. Be safe and have fun!”
“Hmm…Sia…kya kar rahi ho yaar…I am on my third drink, and you aren’t even done with your first!” Kriti yelled, as the alcohol had begun hitting her. She was wildly dancing to the music playing there. Benika’s place was a huge mansion with many rooms. The party was taking place in the courtyard where the DJ was playing the latest music and where the bar and snacks had been set up. Sia had been slowly sipping on her drink; she wasn’t a very fast drinker and preferred taking it slow. Kriti, on the other hand, had the tendency to gulp down more alcohol in a shorter amount of time. The music was loud and the entire atmosphere had become highly energetic. Sia needed to drink a bit more to loosen up to that level, she was more of the reserved and shy type.
Her first drink got over and she headed to the bar to get a second one. She was waiting for it to be made, when her classmate and friend Neil came to get a pint of beer. She flashed him a smile and greeted him with a ‘Hi’ while he did the same. “So when did you arrive?” he asked her flashing a toothy grin. She replied, “Almost an hour back….I came with Kriti...” “So don’t you want to dance?” he asked, with her replying, “No…I mean not now at least…I need to loosen up a bit more…” “Well the thing in your hand is not going to help you loosen up….you need something stronger…” Neil quickly went up to the bar and brought a glass of scotch whiskey for her. “Here, drink this…it should pretty much sort out your evening…” Sia looked at the glass doubtfully. She had never consumed whiskey earlier, and the offering in question was on the rocks. “Umm….I don’t know Neil…what if I am unable to handle myself?” “Don’t worry, Sia…I’ll be there with you…nothing will go wrong…” “Umm…okay as you say…” with that, the girl grabbed the drink and gulped it down. Her throat burned for a few seconds, after which she was fine. She murmured, “Get me another one…” and Neil was more than happy to comply with her request.
It was almost 1 am. Sia was three drinks down, and was very high. Neil himself seemed to be very intoxicated but was in his senses. He was being fiercely protective of Sia, lest if any guy tried to take advantage of her. She was dancing to her heart’s content as he kept watching her, thinking of why he loved her so much. Earlier, he had thought of girls as only objects of enjoyment, until she came along. She saw him as a friend, and never judged him for his past. For the first time in ages someone had treated him as a person. She was full of innocence, while he considered himself as a huge asshole.
The song switched to a romantic one. Sia was visibly smiling and pulled him in for a close dance. Neil gladly obliged and held her close as they began moving to the music. She hugged him back, and all she felt was warmth. The two continued moving, when she broke the silence, “You know…Neil…I always thought you were somewhat of a weirdo when I first met you…but I realized over time that you are actually a person with a very good heart…” “Hmm…I see…” Neil quipped, “But why did you think that way…any particular reason?” Sia smiled and continued, “Well it was something to do with the way you were behaving…especially with all the girls…hitting on them…everyone labeled you with certain terms…but I was like ‘he may be weird…but its his life…he can do whatever the hell he wants.’ Anyway, after getting to know you…I felt that you’re much more attractive when you are yourself…” “What do you mean by yourself?” Neil quizzed her. “Offo! I mean that when you are having normal conversations….talking about things you love…that’s when…” “So you find me attractive, eh?” “Yeah of course….anyone would….you just need to leverage this side properly…”
“I don’t want to leverage it for anyone…” Neil’s tone had suddenly become serious. Sia was confused as he continued, “Its enough for me that you know me well….I am not interested in others…” “Neil…what happened…are you okay?” “No I am not…how can I be okay when I can’t stop falling for you?” Sia was surprised; she thought she’d heard something wrong so she asked him to repeat, and he did, “I am falling for you Sia, or rather, I already have…I can’t stop thinking about you…I think I…” It was then Sia raised her finger to his lips, “Say no more…” With that she held his hand tight and began leading him into the mansion.
They entered one of the guest rooms, and Sia shut the door behind them. Taking of her footwear, she hopped onto the bed as she finally felt at ease. Neil sat facing her, and held both her hands in his. She looked back and smiled, as he spoke, “So what’s the reason for bringing me here?” “Umm…uhh…how should I put it….I like you a lot too…in fact, I think its more…” Before she could complete, Neil pulled her towards him and planted a kiss on her lips. Sia slowly shut her eyes, as he deepened the kiss. They rubbed their tongues against each others, culminating it into a full-blown French kiss. She flung her arms around his neck and pushed him onto the bed.
The two broke apart, and Sia sat on his crotch. Neil flashed a toothy grin at her, and at that moment she began unbuttoning his shirt. He was shocked but decided to go with the flow. He helped her take off the shirt and she threw it on the floor. After looking at him intently in the eyes, she stuck her tongue out and began licking his neck. He almost flinched; he was enjoying the feel of her tongue and saliva against her skin. She slowly moved on to the chest and abdomen, while he unhooked the halter strap resting against her neck. She surprised him by giving him a soft bite on his nipple. It made him flinch with pleasure and pain; he thought he had a high resistance. With all the licking and kissing, it didn’t take him long to get hard.
Sia, who was sitting on his crotch, felt something hard tugging against the crack of her butt cheeks, more specifically her starfish. She let out a deep sigh and sat up to face him. The top part of her dress had fallen, exposing her breasts. It was more than enough to excite him and he began squeezing them together, pinching the nips. His manhood continued to throb against her starfish, and she moaned aloud. Neil smiled and began rubbing her butt cheeks, “So you like to take it in the ass, eh?” Sia was feeling shy, “Umm…I am a virgin so I don’t know…” “Hmm…anyway, aren’t you tired?” “No…no I am not! I think we should do it tonight!” He smiled again, before getting up and hugging her, “Sia….I love you….and before we do anything….I want you to be at ease….not in a drunken state where you can’t remember anything…” “But…but…” Sia was a bit disappointed, “I want to do it with you…” “I want to do it with you too…but some other time…for now, we can sleep beside each other…how about that?” Sia’s face lit up with a bright smile, “Yeah okay!”
It didn’t take long for the two to fall asleep. Sia’s bare chest rested against Neil’s and they slept soundly.
Sia’s eyes opened the next day. She saw Neil lying next to her, and smiled before planting a kiss on his cheek. He woke up; hair messy yet looking very adorable. “Thank you so much Neil…” she smiled, “And I love you too…”


Hope that was a worthwhile read! Would love to hear your views about it!

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